Who uses Acetone in their gas?

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  1. Well, the 500:1 ratio is about the same that people seem to recommend. Four oz of Acetone to a full tank, or 15 gallons of gas, actually yields a 480:1 ratio, but that's close enough for me. This is my third tank in a row using it, and it seems to have inproved some, as I stated earlier. The only reason I ran multiple tanks is to remove the possibilty of inconsistent driving habits on my test. After this third tank, I'll go back to running without for a few tanks and let you all know what happens.
  2. any other updates? I want to try it, But i'm just worried that i might damage something.... :(
  3. I know some people that use it to pass the emission test here in Houston. And I have heard about getting better fuel milage, but never tried.

    I sell acetone at work, I'll get some and try it out on my 90 GMC conversion van. (gets about 12 miles per gallon)
  4. I just caught the end of Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel. They were doing a test to see if acetone really increased gas mileage. They discovered that acetone just helps gas burn faster. It actually decreased the mpg on the car they were testing from 17 mpg to 16 mpg. Thought it was ironic that I caught this on tv since everyone is talking about it lately. :shrug:
  5. Most finger nail polish removal has lanolin oil and other residues dissolved in it. Acetone like any solvent will dry without any residue.
  6. I saw that too but mythbusters isn't exactly 100% scientific either. I doubt acetone will give astronomical gas mileage increases but using a dyno to calculate the #'s probably isn't as accurate as putting in 5 gallons, mixing acetone, and driving in the exact same car and conditions as they used.
  7. So you think they could shift exaclty the same in every gear, every shift they make in the car? Say its an auto, how can you "make" the car shift exactly the same every time?

    Driving conditions differ, but from what Ive seen of that show, they do all they can to give the "myth" a fighting chance!

    Id say its busted!
  8. It worked in my car...only used 2 oz. per 10 gallon though. I'm sure they didn't spend much time altering the mixture percentage, because too much can give you worse mileage. There was a thread over in 5.0 about this....
  9. Who says it'll be the same for every engine or every brand of gas that's used? Who says that they didn't add too much or too little to get the mixtures right? In my book, nothing was busted. It's working for me and I know for sure that it is. I'll continue to use it and know that I'm not using as much gas. :nice:
  10. when i read the article i saw this..... "Too much additive would upset the mixture ratio because acetone (like alcohol) is a light molecule and tends to lean the mixture" would this be bad for our cars? :shrug:
  11. So I tanked up the car today since doing a full tank with acetone. After the calculations my mileage came to 20.48mpg. That was 273 miles to the tank before filling up and needing 13.4x gallons. I've never even come close to that kind of mileage before.