Roush Who wants a copy of their original window sticker?

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  1. OK, here's the deal. There's a guy that I have dealt with in the past that reporduces window stickers. He made one for me for my '93 cobra. He does really good work. He charges $25 and you get a low resolution scan, then in the mail you get a hard copy of the window sticker. What he sends is on nice stock, and is standard 8 1/2 X 11 so it's about 1" smaller than an actual sticker, but I took mine to kniko's and had it blow up and it looked great. I have been visiting with him and he said he could make ours if we could get him a good high resolution scan of an actual one. The guy is legit, he's been doing this for several years now and has made hundreds of these for cobra owners. Here is what he needs from someone with an original:

    300 dpi, at 100%, saved as a high quality jpeg. Most likely will have to scan it in two pieces.

    He would need this for each different type of sticker that was used if there was a change between years.

    Once he has that we can send him the info on our cars (I got a xerox copy of my sticker from Saleen just for asking) and he will transfer the info over to the color copy in the correct font and send you your information on an original copy window sticker. Anyone have any interest in this? I'm not affiliated with the guy at all, I just want one for my car and thought there might be others that would be interested as well.

    That being said does anyone have their original Saleen window sticker from a '98 or a similar year that uses the same format? If so would they be willing to scan it in and send it to me so I can get my information on it? Or send it directly to him?

    Here is his thread where he has been selling them. I got mine about 1 1/2 years ago. Here are his threads over at SVT if you want to check him out:

    and attached is a copy of the one he made for my '93.

    Any interest? Anyone willing to help me out with a scan of theirs?

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  2. Man, I just ordered a new copy of my window sticker from Saleen last week! They charged me $75 for it.
  3. Count me in! I would love to get a "copy" of a window sticker for my 1989 Saleen. I'm guessing you would need someone to donate a high resolution scan of their original 1989 Saleen Window Sticker. Any volunteers?
  4. 89 Saleen#455 - you are in luck, I actually have some pix of one for an 89 Saleen.

    digdoug - still haven't found one for an S281 Cobra, although I have one for an S281 Cobra vert.

    One method of success I have found is ebay - have a daily search sent your email for whatever model you are looking for. Then, check all the auctions and simply ask the seller if they have the original and if they are willing to take a digi pic or scan of it. Most of them will do so for you.
  5. Richard - Can you scan or fax me a copy of the 1989 Saleen Window sticker you have? You can write "COPY" or "SAMPLE" in large letters if your worried about me duplicating the document. If the sample looks good, I will definitely order a copy from you. Shoot me a PM if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks. Rich A.
  6. Give me an email and I'll send you what I have. You can get me at r w hite 3 0 2 at y ah oo dot com
  7. I have just a black and white copy of mine...could you use the vert one you have and change the text?
  8. digdoug - yes, I could work with it that way, I believe.