Who wants an archive of cool old 5.0 mag articles? I need your support.

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  1. K, I'm not that computer savy, not sure if I even have a scanner, or if it works(lighten up, Suzy's the cyber-guru around here, I build roads) but I know I have some Car Review, MM&FF, couple others. I know I have that issue, in that box! The one that closed the deal, and made me buy my first 5.0 was written by none other that the late Steve Collison. How to proceed? And, BTW, let me be the first to grovel and sob a hearty, "Thank you, I love you, man!":D
  2. Bro,

    I don't have the process exactly ironed out, yet. You'll be the first contributor. I think that if you can send me whichever articles you like via email @ Chris42Arnold@yahoo.com, and send me the issue's month/yr then I can go to the publisher myself to get permission.

    But, be advised that I have a lot going on in my personal life right now (I'm moving to a different state on Monday), and it may take me a while and could take the publisher a while to work things out.

    If this thread ever takes off the way I hope it does, I'll add this to the 5.0 sticky of stickies.

    Thanks man,

  3. This sounds like a great idea. I hope you can get this idea off its feet and get the support you need. Thanks
  4. This is a great idea!!
  5. Update, Chris- I have dug up about twenty magazines, and a bunch of other articles, all from 87 to like, 93 or 94-road tests, buildups, shootouts, from several different sources, when I get them put together in a chronological, copyable(is that a word?), orderly fashion, I'll get my brother (who is significantly more techno-savvy than I) to set 'em up for sending to ya!:D Hope the move is going well:nice:!
  6. let me know if you need any help. im a strong advocate for a non 99 percent sn-95+ mag.
  7. id love to help with this. i have plenty of magazines an my uncles got some really good ones i might be able to get my hands on. one problem is no scanner. i do have a digital cam that takes pretty good pictures though.
  8. LOL .
    let me know what publisher will let you post these, b/c stangnet who sells advertising and MM&FF are "competeting" for advertising money. I just don't see how they will let you do this. They own and paid for every article in the magazines.

    I do believe its a very great idea i would love to have all the info in one place.
    Imagine you lose your keys, you just look for the article on lock replacement print it out and boom you’ve got it.

    The publishers website should have this, and when you subscribe for the magazine you are entitled to view these, that would be a great idea.
    **Patent pending, publisher please contact me for more easy money making ideas**
  9. It's not really a time limit per se. It's just that I don't intend to leave it active as a sticky forever. I'm just doing it temporarily to see if there's any interest.

    As far as the publishers go, S&B, it is easier to criticize and arm-chair quarterback ideas than it is to get them going, but in my humble opinion this is worth a try. And you may be right, it might not succeed, but I DID get permission from Tony Defeo himself to post the article from cars illustrated in my original post. Why couldn't this be done with other articles?

    Is it possible? Yes. Is it worth having? Yes!

    To me those are the only questions that matter. So again, thanks to Strippt, 82CapriRS, and everyone else willing to support this idea.

  10. I don't have a scanner.:( I have boxes of mustang magazines.
  11. Hmmm... That's a predicament. I've got a scanner, but I'm in GA and don't have any other cool mags! If you're interested in helping out, see if you can find a buddy with one, or if you can find a copy machine, you can send me copies of the articles and I'll scan them and put them on the net. Should cost next to mail as long as you don't go nuts and copy a million articles.

    Anyway, as I still have nothing to post here, it's been a week. I will unsticky this thread now, but will keep it updated when I received articles and get permission to post them.

  12. What are you looking for? Tech articles?
  13. No, it doesn't have to be tech. However, new stuff won't work. Undoubtedly, the publishers will not agree to have material posted freely on this site when it is already on their own, or they are still trying to sell magazines. What I'm really looking for are older articles like the one I posted that magazines have already made their money on and will not care about anymore.

    I know a lot of the guys here have pack-ratted magazines from a decade or more ago, and I think that collectively we could really get something good going here. Unfortunately, it's been a long time since I first posted this thread, and to date, I still haven't received anything other than a link to a new article.

    Frankenstang, I wasn't planning to add this to the 5.0 sticky of stickies until something cool happened with the thread. So far, it's only the article I originally posted.

  14. There are some new additions today. Thanks to Strippt88 for his contribution. A lot of you guys said you had boxes of them... Let's get it going, then. If you don't have a scanner, shoot me an email. We can work something out. If need be, I'm a pretty reliable guy. Mail a couple good mags to me, and I'll send them back within a couple of days and have the good articles posted. I'll even cover the shipping.


  15. I have most of mine stored at my mom's house. The rest are at my little bro's.. I gotta grab a handful.
  16. Ahhh. Before the pussification of America. Pictures of street racing in magazines :nice:

    Man, that first article sure makes a stock fox sound impressive :rlaugh:
  17. was that the mean mr mustang article? i remember reading that in high school
  18. Wow I have a ton of old mags stored, my wife trys to throw them out any chance she gets..lol

    How's the move going?