Who wan'ts to see some pics of a really hott chick on my car!!!

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  1. lol last week i was browseing the internet and i couldn't find even one picture of a hottie next to a II. well then i got my friend to do some hott poses on my II. let me know what ya think guys!


    if you wanna see more of our little carwash please visit my cardomain page at: http://www.cardomain.com/id/pepsifreak107

    all the pictures are on page 3

  2. she came over just for one picture??? wheres the back shots??
  3. Dayum, Nice

  4. I think that's a mean thing to do to a guy whos been monogamous for 12 years.

    I also think you need a better photographer ... and a private place. I'm sure there would be no shortage of volinteers.

    But mostly I think you should ask yourself if you really want to ask us what we think. Most benign thing I can say is I think she's .... interesting.
  5. Not that I have room to be picky, but she could use a few cheeseburgers.

  6. :D buu bbbuuub ba buuub eu bbuu bu ba ba beu bu ..er NICE! Tell her more like the one where she is smiling ;)
  7. Your front left tire is low on air.
  8. I noticed that as well. maybe she'll blow some hot air in it for you :D
  9. your friend is hot, she up for washing any more cars this week? :p
  10. nice pics, but my first though was---- ain't nobody going to sit on my II
  11. yeah, i know the stressful feeling but she weighs so little i wasent worried, but the thing that has suprised me the most is that shes so very thinm but damn that girl can pig out on burgers and steaks and candy and never feel it the next day, i've been watching this cycle of eat alot gain nothing for 10 years now...and not a change in sight...
  12. Hah I thought the same thing sleeper, and i also thought :( do i know any hot girls willing to pose?
  13. well gentlemen....

    you are in for a big surprise, because my best friend Mel (19 yr old, 5'6" $1.10 or so) washed my car a few months back (before all the cosmetic mods... to my car that is) and i just happened to have my very nice camera handy to take photos... unfortunately i lost the last few on the roll... so the best ones are gone... but I will post a few just to give you a taste :banana:

  14. I thought the same then I remembered what I've done on the hood ... Wife smiled and asked how I liked our menage trios. ;}

    Who said women don't understand?
  15. HEHE..your looking at the air in the tires :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: oh well, hey listen, where are the nudie pics???? enough of this tease. treat her to MCEE DEES for some nudies...or are you keeping them for yourself???? j/k

    :D oh, she's over 18 right?
  16. Im with "impala", wheres the nudies? Will she make a trip to NC to wash my Cobra?
  17. Will she stop by PA???? :D :D :D
  18. Whoa! Déjà vu! I was just at the forum formerly known as the House of Pain and saw this exact thread! For a minute there I thought I was loosing my mind (then I remembered that I had lost it a long time ago!) What you need to get is pictures of her in the back of the car and without the bikini! :D