Who wan'ts to see some pics of a really hott chick on my car!!!

Discussion in '1974 - 1978 Mustang II Talk & Tech' started by PepsiFreak107, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. count me in for a few copies of those as well... :D
  2. when and where?? :nice:
  3. I would let her wash my car anyday. :nice:
  4. Nice car, and your friend looks kind of like Avril Lavigne. I pose with my car alot, but I'm usually not that scantily clad. lol Although my bikini would look good with my white car.
  5. fastmustang ii- PICTURES! PLEASE! :banana:

  6. just go to her site in her signature.
  7. Pepsifreak107, I can't believe you posted this in the 5.0 tech section too. Man those guys are brutal.
  8. Yes, in the bikini!

  9. Yes.

    People think I'm an ass, they should occasionally waunder from their own neighborhood.
  10. Megan, I was thinking the SAME exact thing about who she's looks like, LOL.

    BTW, you look WAY better than she does, even with more clothes on. :nice:

  11. it's not nice to lie to children.....
  12. And she drives a II so that gives her a huge leg up on this girl. :nice:
  13. Just one leg?......oops..J/K :D
  14. Leg humping in the II forum?

    Who would have thought ... ?
  15. Heres a pic of my girl and my car

  16. Now now boys, this isn't a contest. But if it was..... I WIN!!! lol jk!
  17. shakes head....hey you already lost...

    bikini pics!!
  18. Grat initiative, man!

    She is gorgeous, but she would look much hotter in a Brazilian Bikini... :D
  19. I think I might have to agree with you Andre! :nice:
  20. I would ask for a lady to pose on my car, but she would need a tetnis shot first.