Who wan'ts to see some pics of a really hott chick on my car!!!

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  1. Come on guys, how about a link to some pics towards the "R" or "X"-rated side. How many guys out there have pics of their girls without the bikini with their car? :rolleyes:
  2. Hey is that THE II that was in the accident?? If it is, I am amazed that it looks as good as it does today!!! I share your expirience in the fact that I almost lost my car as well. Great comback story man!
  3. What Happened?

    We let this thread slack off. C'mon ladies lets have some links to the REAL Pics of you!
  4. nope, the one that i wrecked is the aqua II in the backround..it has some damaged fenders i'm in the process of parting it out right now...

  5. Parting out?

    Would you happen to have an Alt. bracket for a V8? I have a pic of the one I need, but it wont let me upload it.
  6. Oh yea, and keep the pics comin! :-D
  7. Who's that sinister looking kid?
  8. Here is a pic of me & the stang with Miss Legs Canada in 91.

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  9. I can't think of a much better picture, than an Eagles cheerleader posing with a Cobra, but the kid sort of ruined it :rolleyes:
  10. I just look past the Eagle part :D after all she is a cheerleader :nice:
  11. well, actually that kid attends alot of car shows around here, never seen his mom or pop, but he roams freely and loves cars...the best thing about that is that he brags to all his friends that he brings that he likes my car the best out of all the shows..so i couldn't turn him away...i don't know who he is really...but if he loves my car, he's a friend! :nice:
  12. Tobasco, I have a few more pics I just had taken three weeks ago at a show and there were more cheerleaders there, so once i get developed, i will post them. These girls were sweeeeeet too. :p

  13. 78mach1, judging by your avatar, I think me and you need to switch locations during football season, although I agree with the kid's feelings about the Packers helmet :rlaugh:

  14. That's all well and fine but couldn't you have gotten a second (third, forth and so on) picture without him?
  15. wow..this thread will not just die...lol

  16. maybe when i get a chance, i will do some cut and paste stuff.
  17. It's fun picking on all the dunk Eagle fans at the bar on Sunday - especially when they spell out E-A-G-S-L-E- wrong for a touchdown like they have done 2 or 3 times a season :lol:

    But if you come across any free Bears tix for this year(too broke to try for any tickets this year)- it would be well worth the 12 hour drive to visit another II :nice:
  18. If I score any cheap tix, you'll be the first to know :nice:

    "E-A-G-S-E-L"... :rlaugh:
  19. I would do her over and over....