Who wants to see the pictures I took today of the 2005 Mustang GT? (56K Killer!)

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  1. I saw the 2005 GT in person today at the MCA 2004 Grand National Central Illinios Mustang Prairieland Roundup in Springfield, Illinios.

    A lot of people say that the car looks better in person then it does in the pictures. Sorry to say, it was just as bland in real life. Still, you don't get a good feel for how big it is till you see it for yourself. The car is gigantic compared to the previous generations. Everything on it is big and bulky and there is no finess or sleekness to it at all. It is up to personal tastes whether or not this is a good thing or a bad thing. Looking at the instrument panel is a treat, probably the best thing about its looks. The radio and a/c controls area was also very good looking in person. The interior was full of plain plastic and the dash looked cheap. The air vents were kinda cool but also had an air of cheapness. I was surprised at how big the center divider is. That this is freak'n huge! I climbed in the backseat and I actually fit back there! (I'm 6'4) Well, mostly. I had to **** my neck but I had leg room. The cloth seats felt very comfortable, both in the front and in the rear. The seats have little ponies all over them. One thing that sticks out when you are in it is the parking break. When set that thing is in your face, literally for shorter people! Could they have made that thing bigger? The engine is really cool looking. That is about all I could tell about it! :D

    After a bit a Ford rep showed up and I started drilling him for information. He didn't know much, or wasn't suppose to answer... I asked him how to change the gauge's color and he said he couldn't because he didn't have a key to start it. I asked again, saying I didn't need to see it change, just wanted to know how to do it. He said you have to press a couple buttons above the radio and that brought up a menu under the RPMs and after that he didn't know. I looked into the box between the seats and in the glove box, both of which are bigger then the current Mustang's. You might actually be able to fit a pair of gloves in this car's glove box! I tried to get a look at the trunk but once again Mr. Rep said you needed the key which he didn't have. There was no button in the glove box.

    My verdict: I give it a B-. It has great potential but is not there yet. Of course, I am judging it strickly by its appearances. Since the rep didn't have a key I couldn't take it for a drive.

    Since the bandwidth for my Photobucket account kept being exceeded I removed the images. You can view most of my pictures of the 2005 Mustang, as well as dozens of other pictures of it, at Brad Barnett's 2005 Mustang gallery.
  2. great pics. is that the torch red?
  3. I like the new body vs the current Stang. If anything it says that Ford isn't afraid to be different. Maybe the Retro thing is too much for some people, but I think it will be a big hit.

    I am waiting to see what SE models they come out with, or just wait for the Cobra. :nice:
  4. Not sure if they classify that color as "torch" red or not. It looked brighter to me then torch red Mach 1s.

    It isn't the retro that bothers me about it, it is its bulkyness and plainness. I'm sure I will get use to one and the after market will take care of the other! :D

    You can see more Mustang from that show in this thread:
  5. Looks like torch red to me, great pics! I saw the other thread too, very nice :)
  6. I'm devastated. I can't believe how bad the interior looks in these pictures. One of the things that really impressed me about this car was the interior. In the "press" pics the dash and rest of the interior looked amazing. very high quality. In these more real world photos the interior looks terrible. very cheap looking. The plastic looks like the kind that's used for childrens toys. Extremely disappointing. This is a deal breaker in my purchase decision. The interior in these pictures look like they belong in a entry level pick-up truck. This is pretty depressing. charge 500 bucks more or something and get it right. maybe in person it'll be a different story but these pics seem very sharp in their detail. Man, I'm really bummed.
  7. Great pics :nice: . I posted some a few weeks ago and I have to agree, I'm not crazy about the exterior. I did like the interior though.
  8. Jesus H. Christ, it's a MUSTANG not a Mercedes-****ing-Benz. How about you go buy one of those? The Mustang community would be greatly improved in your absence. This goes for the rest of you boo-hoo-interior-panels-are-too-far-apart-pushrods-are-for-dinosaurs-just-like-live-axle-rear-ends *******.
  9. In the '05s defense, I don't think this one had any type of interior upgrade. You can tell that by looking at the cloth seats. This was probably done since they knew they would have hundreds of people climbing in and out of it. I think with the interior upgrade package it could look really sweet.

    I'm glad you like the detail of the pictures. I took them with my new digital camera which can takes pictures at 5.3 megapixles. Those were taken at full resolution but Photobucket actually scaled them down. You should see them full size! It's like the car is really in front of you.
  10. Maybe that's because one of them is broken (just right of the steering wheel).

    Having driven one, I can agree with all your comments, but you tend to overlook that when driving :D. It is still pretty nice for a $20k - $26k car, and a HUGE step up from the old cars.

    As far as interior upgrades, the only ones I am familiar with are the aluminum strip across the top (which it has) and the red leather seats.
  11. SO for the A/C....the only option is MAX A/C??? There is no NORM A/C to draw outside air in?

    View attachment 522886

    I like the new Mustang, but i think i like the interior setup in my '03 GT a lot better.....at least for now. The new stang might grow on me once i drive a few of them
  12. To have NORM A/C you select Vent and push on the A/C button. It's actually a better setup. If you'd want, you could select floor and have cold air comming from there with the A/C button depressed.
  13. Interesting. Anyone have a good high quality shot of the center console so i can see the radio and instrument cluster layout as well as what the buttons above the radio and below the climate controls are?
  14. Speaker-wise it looks like there's a 5x7 and a 6.5" or 7" speaker in the doors. Looks like they put subs or midbasses in the doors.
  15. Here is the center section up close. Not the best picture, but it will do.

    It seems to me like the mismanaged all that space. Notice the Power Outlet in the dead center at the top. I hardley ever use that, and certainly don't want it at the top of the console. Also, it looks like it will be difficult to tell if the TCS is on or off (no light). Just some picky things. Doesn't really matter all that much to me, though, as I am more about ride and performance than interior layout.
  16. You, sir, are silly.
    look at the fit and finish on mazdas and scions interior (just to name two sub 20k cars). Don't start yelling at me to go get a mazda or a scion, or the mustang makes up for it in horsepower. To ME 19k - 26k is a lot of money.
    Man, your talking about 20 THOUSAND dollars. Maybe that's chump change to you but it ain't to me. I absolutely believe to the core of my being that if they can send a man to the moon that the mustang can be a 20k car with an interior that doesn't FEEL cheap. As I said in my post, maybe the interior will look different in person but in maniacmustangmans pics it looks awefull. It looks wonderful in dark and high contrast images (like the press photos)
    but in the "normal daylight" pics it is weak.

    Look at the interiors of the cars of the 60's. I think, and please correct me if I'm wrong, that the price of cars has been far ahead of the normal rate of inflation. would rubberized plastic or a better design and feel for the plastic "texture" really have skyrocketed the price? Look at the plastic around the glove box. I'm sorry but to me that looks like toy plastic.
    If they came up with a 200hp car that looks like the mustang that at well equipped comes in at 20k then fine. I'll deal with a cheap looking interior but on a car that, after options is going to cost me over 20 thousand dollars or 26 or 27 thousand dollars for the GT, then give me a break. A cheap looking interior is unacceptable. Maybe the interior upgrade package addresses these issues. if it does then all this is moot. If not then ford dropped the ball and, imho gives another example while american cars are well behind the european and asian manufacturers.

  17. I agree. I never use the power outlet behind the shifter. In fact, i don't even want to see it there period. If i need a power source, like to charge my cell phone, i use the one in the center console.

    I think the TCS button has an indicator light in the dash. I kinda would rather have it there. SOmetimes in bright sunlight i can't tell if my traction control is on or off.
  18. You wouldnt perhaps have an even closer picture of that area on the center console would ya? It seems like thats the only part of the car I havent seen a picture of, or seen in person, its kind of hard to make out everything.
  19. Ok...I keep seeing people say how the interior is made of cheap toy plastic. Would anyone care to point out pictures of luxurious plastic found in other cars that I seem to be missing?

    That parking brake does appear to be huge. Maybe it's so upright to block you from shifting and forgetting it's on? I've had several people run my car not realizing the parking brake is on, despite the warning light; that can't be good for the car.
  20. I agree with FlashGordon. The interior plastic looks like that of the Expedition. I am talking about the dark textured plastic that looks and feels cheap. Don't get me wrong, stepping back and looking at the interior as a whole, it looks good. Not awesome.

    Ford could of done a better job with the interior quality. They could of also done a better job with the styling of the sheet metal. The car looks bland. It is screaming for a body kit.

    I think the non-spoken concensus is that the Mustang has always been and will always be an in-expensive sports car that needs help. It needs help from aftermarket parts and personalization cues. The 2005 is no different.