Who wants to see the pictures I took today of the 2005 Mustang GT? (56K Killer!)

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  1. Yes, well, sort of

    An entry level V8 Mustang in 1965 was under $3000. Corrected for inflation, that would be about $17000 in 2004.

    With that 1965 Mustang, you got a 200hp (SAE Gross) 2 barrel with a 3spd manual.

    The 2005 V6 Mustang exceeds that entry level V8 in the following terms.

    • Horsepower
    • Acceleration
    • Handling
    • Reliability
    • Included amenities

    And that same S197 V6 will cost, oh, just about $20K is what they are saying.

    Move on to the V8, and you'll find a similar comparison. It costs a little bit more today (corrected for inflation) for a lot more car.
  2. I'd say you're getting a better deal on cars today. Look at the amount of research and development that goes into today's cars....their safety, reliability, comfort, performance, and so on...

    The 1965 Mustang was so extremely simple. No air bags, no traction control, no ABS, no adjustable seats, power windows, locks, air conditioning, sound system, and so much more.

    All this stuff comes standard now at an entry-level price. If you cut out all this stuff, leaving a cabin that rides on wheels with a simple engine, I'm confident a Mustang would cost less today than in 1965. And cut out most of the research and development, safety analyzation, and so on... Do you think the 05 Mustang will blow up if you slam it from behind?

    Some people don't realize how much more you're getting in cars today...
  3. First off, your post made me laugh out loud. :)

    Here are some images of cars that i've seen in person. these, to me, are examples of "more luxurious" plastic, lol.

    they are of the mazda 3 wagon and the miata respectively:

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  4. Dood, it's still a Ford. Get the base black interior without the goofy aluminum panel and it should be fine. I personally hate flashy interiors ala Audi and Mini--that's gotta get old quick. I just want solid seats and a decent driving position--ie shifters, steering wheel and pedals in the right places.
  5. Is that the same car that everyone else gets pictures of? It always seems to be a red one.
  6. well it looks like they are still using those ****ty little hooks, and still badly designed as they pull the carpet up and expose the body

    View attachment 522881

    and it looks like one of the vents broke already

    View attachment 522882
  7. I don't see how anyone can possibly NOT agree about the extremely cheap interiors. Not asking for a super high-tech talking navigation system, but c'mon for a car that is around 26k or so fully loaded they can do a LOT better. Look under the dash of your current Mustangs... the freakin carpet isn't even finished all the way up on the sides of the console... would that really cost so much more money to do???? The leather... could it possibly get any cheaper??? Look at a Kia Amanti, it's in the same price range and the interior is lightyears ahead, an interior about half as nice as the Amanti (to compensate for the extra power of the Mustang and keep costs about the same) could definately be done.
    I remember on some dating site a while back there was a question about "which cars impress girls" or something stupid like that. The answer was "it doesn't matter, just don't get a really shady brand like Ford", when I was getting a Mustang my mom was like "oh god, you know fords are built like absolute crap right??".... i mean it's no secret, I know some of you guys worship Ford and all but you gotta face it, they could be doing a lot better.
  8. I agree that Ford can do better, and that any company can do better. However, Ford has done much better with the '05's interior, so give them some credit.

    As far as company bashing...people bash what they don't have. I see all brands bashed, and you're blind not to see that.
  9. If someone takes advice from their mom over the quality over cars, then they got issues. Especially since they wont stop dinging my damn doors in parking lots, damn soccer mom mini van door ding queens :mad:
  10. Look at the picture above on this page...how squared off everything is. In fact it looks kind of hummer-ish. I don't care about a brushed aluminum look. I think mazda is making some great looking interiors right now. I prefer all black. I personally don't like faux metal/aluminum or faux anythng for that matter.
    I do want to say that the gauges on the 05 are perfect in my opinion. I dont have one single complaint. I think they look great. but rest of the dash is too boxy, clunky and cheap looking. It almost looks like it was snapped together.

    Look at the console radio/air area, look at the shifter area. Man, that looks like it should be in a 94 pick up or something. there is no flow connecting the radio area to the shifter/armrest/cup holder area. Now, maybe they wanted to go retro but this just looks like the interior of a truck.
    This is KEY: See how the console is recessed from it's casing and the air vents? On a design level that's just wrong. Not only is it disjointed but it's completely incongruous with the exterior of the car. It might be more appropriate in the honda element or scion xb but not here. To me the exterior screams sleak, fast, sexy, and cool. Not boxy, square and jagged which is what the dash/console is. I said before that all of this may be moot once I see the car in person. Sometimes a picture doesn't do it's subject justice.
    And another thing! LOL. what's with the floor carpet? IS that part of the body being exposed? And what about the broken air vent? If this car was a junky tester don't bring it out in public as a showcase. I don't care how many people got in and out of that car that day. The air vent SHOULD'NT BE BROKEN. They didn't think at LEAST one person would take pictures and post em on the Internet? I think maniacmustangman took some great, very detailed pictures. BUT they've single handedly made me very reluctant. I'll definitely and obviously wait till i see the darn thing in person before I make a final judgement but I am very surprised. IMHO one of the best interiors out there is the audi tt. Whenever I walk by a parked TT I have to stop and gaze at the interior. I show it to my friends, lol. I love it! The fact that it's connected to an overweight, underpowered, overpriced, under-reliable car isnt the point. The point is that even though perhaps the same materials can't be used for reasons of cost but the DESIGN of the TT interior is impeccable. BTW, If anyone from ford is reading this I'd be happy to come on board to your interior design division :)
  11. Looks like my Sirius satellite radio will fit comfortably between the two air vents and plug into the power outlet below. I will set the sat rad antenna on the dash, no need to roof mount antenna in my normal driving area.
  12. The new '05 Subaru Legacy was the most impressive to me in this respect. Everything is soft to the touch. I don't know what kind of material it is, but it has a rubberized feel and won't make that high pitch plastic sound when you tap it, but rather a low-pitch muted sound. Because of that, I could see the car being less prone to rattles. And it simply gives the car a more expensive BMW-quality feel while the starting price is $21,500 and goes up to $30K for a fully loaded GT.

    The pictures don't do it justice, but here's one anyway:

    The insistance of Ford to continue using that cheap plastic in the Mustang is disappointing, but it would take more than that to sway my buying decision seeing as how it's impressive in so many other ways.
  13. Any one notice something missing in the engine bay?


    The strut bars that go from the strut towers the the fire wall. :shrug:
  14. I think the new Mustang looks really good.
    I'm curious how the 300-hp feels since the
    "throttle-by-wire" is now implemented.
  15. I still hate those wheels and the valve covers.
  16. Would you rather have the sn95 ugly plastic valve covers? :p

    There will always be aftermarket
  17. actually yes i would prefer them. They look unfinished and dirty. I would definately consider polishing them. Btw I think the same way about the 04 mach valve covers. They look unfinished
  18. Looks pretty decent. Fog light delete, a drop and some non-ugly wheels and we have a really nice ride on our hands.

    Edit: spoiler delete as well.
  19. Those are the ugliest wheels Ford has made in years. I will most definetly be getting Bullitts on mine.
  20. That's why aftermarket companies stay in business.

    I'm sure you'll have many wheels and several cam covers to choose from.