Who wants to see the pictures I took today of the 2005 Mustang GT? (56K Killer!)

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  1. They have an option for that :)
  2. I like this interior.

  3. I totally agree with you, Flash. That was one of the things I was counting on to change from the current interior. Why is it still recessed? Why did they continue this trend? It doesn't make any sense.
  4. I really don't like the japanese style placement of the windshield wiper switch...
  5. Speaking of things missing in the engine bay... I guess that fancy looking aluminum intake with the running pony on it was just to mess with us?


    We're now stuck with another plastic intake? :notnice:
  6. That's just an intake cover
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  8. From the Mustang Source
  9. Very cool, I was looking for that too, thanks. It's nice to see when your TCS is off :)
  10. pics no workie....bandwidth exceeded
  11. Wow max torque at around 4500, can somebody say 4.56s? Yup, pushrods and live axles for me, thank you. Plus Ford says everybody is going retro...see anybody going retro other that Ford? Just my .02 but I hope they come out with a better body model when the fbody comes around again.
  12. I am loving the 2005 Mustang from what I have seen.
    Those '60s Mustangs were my favorite, and I think the
    2005s are a great mix of retro and new styling/power.
    I am a GM guy, but I am really digging this 2005 pony.
  13. What HE said :)
  14. Overall, I'm very impressed with this interior. Is is perfect? NO. Is this interior miles and ages ahead of sn95, you bet! The only thing that I really really really hate is the parking brake!!!!!!!! Who designed that pos, if that saved money it wasn't worth it.
  15. I think the interior is alot better too, way better than the SN95, but I also like the parking brake better, it looks decent, and now you cant drive around with the parking brake on :)
  16. I like that interior too!! :banana:
  17. nissan (350z can be considered retro), GM, and Daimler ......BMW with the mini.....
  18. Originally Posted by 95tealGT
    Plus Ford says everybody is going retro...see anybody going retro other that Ford?

    Retro has been in for a long time. The first wave of the retro craze was started by mazda with the original miata. Then you had the plymouth prowler, the Z3, the pt cruiser, the audi TT (which, to me has a very strong bauhaus influence) and as one2gamble noted, most recently the mini and the 350z. I consider the z sort of a hybrid retro/future car. Taking cues from the Z's of the 70s while definitely take a strong step into cutting edge modern design.
    I also consider the new chrysler crossfire a retro car. while not neccissarily emulating a car style It is very clearly influenced by the art deco movement of the 20s and 30s. Chevy, I believe is also bringing back the nomad.