Who wants to see the pictures I took today of the 2005 Mustang GT? (56K Killer!)

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  1. I'm sure that all the hot women watching you drive by actually give a damn what your interior looks like!!! Damn people, do you not realize that we're in the 21st century, plastic isn't ****ty like it was in the early 90s and 80s. What do you think kevlar is???? Hell, correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't some mustang intakes made from plastic?? oh yeah! Just cause it's plastic, doesn't mean it's gonna fall apart. I'm sure that that specific mustang has had everyone and their uncle in it too! look for a few improvements by the time they're on the showroom floor, and if people hate it that much, I'm sure ford will just re-vamp it for the following year...it's a 1st year car, give it a break.
  2. I don't think the issue is that it's plastic.

  3. Ford is infamous for software update as I stated before I did work as a entry leval ford tech (read I did all the stupid work nothing to real). I am glad that software upgrade helped your LS (nice car) and trust me if I got an extra nickle for every software upgrade I did on a ford I would almost be a millionair. I just know when the first batch of any car is let out the PCM (computer) is never tweaked perfectly, in the case of the mustang I am glad to hear that it wont limit us revving it up. I recomend to everyone that drives a ford under warranty to take it to your ford dealership before the warranty goes out and get your PCM updated, updates come out once a month practicly for all models and they dont put them out for no reason :).

    One last defense for the old style interior, while it shared parts in common the way they were layed out just gave it what I think is a unique feel. I just feel the way they layed out that center is just too common now, I would only be happy with shareing the layout of the FORD GT, give me a damn toggle switch for anything and a big red START ENGINE button. Then I will be happy. Anyways everything I say is just my 2 cents, I am not at all an artist or any kind of designer, my taste sucks, I couldnt design an interior worth anything, but I driven enough fords to get sick of something , something I wouldnt want to look at in my own car. So to end this I will :hail2: HAIL the aftermarket because billet makes things alll better !!
  4. awesome

    I am pretty much thrilled at the new body style of the 05. in my opinion, nothing after the 70s was a good lookin mustang. this stang really has the old style that gave it the intimidating powerful look. the interior is practical, and thats all that really matters. the important parts are all under the hood.
  5. Okay, let's remember a few things here:

    1) It's not really fair to compare the nicer interiors of the imports if they have lesser engines or higher pricetags. The two Mazdas in question do not come equipped with a fire breathing, gas-sucking, bunny-killin' V-8. :D If it were possible to have a nice interior, AND a V-8, AND an IRS, AND a reliable well-built car, AND keep a $25k price...someone would have done so already.

    2) The interior is going to look like other Ford products. People **** about the interior of the 350Z for crying out loud. My RX-8 has an interior that is now appearing in seemingly every Mazda econobox around. :(
  6. Oi! The "05 Interceptor" has got me countin' my pennies for next Spring, plastic be damned! And to think I was going to hire someone to scrounge me up a '75 Falcon XB down under... I think I'll take this one, thank you...


    Looks like the second one may have been photochopped, but nevertheless it is something that would find a comfy home in my garage. Now the only question would be how to mount the hi-rise and bugcatcher... :D I love the style, the gauges would be the only things I'd be looking at inside, and I think the amount of plastic would be a trivial concern when the rest of the car looks that good.
  7. testing

  8. Is this a joke?

    You gotta be kidding...The new Stang give real Stang lovers (those who wouldn't be caught dead in anything but a '65-'70 or the '05) new hope, and frankly the '05 styling gives me a chubby just looking at it!!! No offense personally (you're probably offended by now) but I couldn't disagree with your tastes more. Styling aside, I wouldn't try my luck at a stoplight with that '02 vs. and '05 either!

  9. another typical older mustang loser

    well, another typical loser older mustang owner, who has to justify his owned junker of a mustang, but over critisizing the new mustang,,, total pile of crap :bs: :bs: :bs:
  10. The new 05 is awsome, everything about it is better than last years, even though I still like last years design. I like the bullit rims on it better than the other ones, It also screams to be lowered like any car in its class. I personaly really like the funky intereor and I freakin LOVE the new gauge cluster. Im sure the aftermarket is going to be HUGE with this car!! Ford out-did itself with this stang for the price and I cant wait to see the new Cobra!!!! :hail2:
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