Who wants Ultra High Res images of the new stang?

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  1. Ultra High Res Pics Inside!

    I have about 30 MB of (about thirty images) of the new mustang. Most of which are magazine resolution. Who would want to host them for everyone to download.

    email me.

    [email protected]

  2. Anyone? There are some stunning images in here. Someone has got to host this.,

  3. If a host is not found by mid week I can host them when I get back to school.
  4. Prepare to be amazed... Please people, if you are gonna view the images, save them to your computer.. Don't kill my bandwidth or I will have to remove the images. These are so huge, someone needs to plot out some posters. I'll have to talk to my bro and see if we can plot some out.


  5. I'm on freakin dialup at work so this is taking all day...but man are they high res. Where did you get these pics?
  6. hehehe, I must not say. I am sure some people know how, but, If this form of access was abused I am sure it would be shut down.

    And yes, When I say hi res i mean, check out that spec on the inside of the headlight res.

    05 crazy
  7. g'damn the interior is FINE...i love it. The engine picture is GORGEOUS too...

  8. They are from the Press Kit CD that was given out in December. There are actually 84 pictures on the CD
  9. Man, that car looks good!
  10. I have new heroes!
  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you. :nice:

    Now all I need is a 42" 3600 x 2700 pixel monitor to see them in their full glory. :lol:
  12. Geez, these are fantastic pics, and nice that they are 300dpi, I wasn't sure they would be that hi-res, but I opened some in Photoshop, and they are fine!!
  13. LMAO! cdw27.org has used 18 gb in transfer this month and my web host has not shut the site down.. This rocks!
  14. More Images added! Check em out!
  15. Whoa, those are some awesome pics.

    Now, where are some pics of some black ones?!


    thanks for the pics though 05Crazy
  16. Holy crap guys that silver one is gorgeous...agreed im ready to see a black one :D :banana: :D


  17. OH, btw did anyone notice the exhaust and powertrain picture? The catalytic converters are like right off the top of the headers. It looks like a two piece exhaust setup. I wonder how it will sound...from what ford has said (the effort they put into the sound quality) it should be awesome.

  18. How this for black?


    Click here for more chopped colors.
  19. <-
    heads straight for bathroom to change undies

    WOW :D