Who Wears A Helmet At The Track Going 15s And Up

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by MrMustangVert, Jul 28, 2005.

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  1. Im having a heated argument about wearing a helmet at the 1/4 track. i can understand if you wear a helmet if your are in the 12s and below,but going 15s and up you are just going to get made fun of so tell me how many of you actually wear helmets going 15s and up

    by the way the nhra rules say if you run any thing faster than a 13.5 wears a helmet
  2. I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that you are still in grade school. No one else could possibly be as concerned about a few giggles as someone who is still in grade school. (maybe the first few years of college) If you are not wearing a helmet purely because you are afraid of someone laughing at you then you have a serious self worth issue.

    The tracks I've raced at have required every driver to wear a helmet regardless of ET or trap speed. No one was ever made fun of.

    Wearing a helmet is about being smart and safe. The track rules may not require all drivers to wear one, but you can bet the bank that it's a good idea for everyone to wear one.

  3. I'd say anybody who gets into a "heated arguement" on the internet about someone else's personal preferences should be wearing a helmet 24-7.
  4. whatever, i am tired of expressing the fact that you dont need a helmet at the track, (except cars that run 12s below)but if the track says so OK. but there is no point in wearing a helmet going that slow. its kinda hard to wreck at the track i mean if you are that bad of a driver. but if you think its smart or if your too scared or afraid that you are going to wreck going 17sec go ahead wear one i dont care its just another thing for me to laugh at
  5. It's a matter of opinion and you're not likely to change theirs so why waste your time?

    It's just not worth this much attention/effort.

  6. i know, its just that im seeing how many people wear helmets going 15s up. im done ****ing.
  7. You have a point, in that we don't wear helmets when we drive to work everyday. But for real man, if they're at the track, might as well be safe, because they're not driving the typical "to work and back" style of driving. On the flip flop, I don't tote a helmet around in case I get into some road rage in the freeway either.

    It's better to have some dude off the internet who they've never even heard of before laughing than to have their wig split when they crash.

    I haven't raced at a track before. But in all honesty, your opinion would have no effect on my decision to wear a helmet or not.

    It's just not a battle that needs to be fought because it all comes down to:

    Who gives a *****?

    No one.

  8. i know that i cant change anybody opinion im just taking a toll of who does and dosent wear a helmet at the track.and i was just expressing my thought about wearing a helmet and telling the facts about the piont of wearing a helmet going that slow------------------------ and i said im done ****ing
  9. good because arguing on the internet is like driving a Neon. Even if you win you're still driving a Neon. :D
  10. :lol: My grandparents drive a neon.
  11. go ahead and split your skull.

    just when you think it's hard to wreck at the track is when it will happen.

    you are just making an a$$ out of yourself laughing at somebody else wearing a helmet in a 15+ sec car.

    it's not the slow car that you drive that you need to worry about it's the zit faced idiot kid racing in the other lane not paying attention and slamming into you. tires are known to fail also throwing a car into a wall.

    go ahead and make fun but don't try to make the sport unsafe for others like you are doing right now like a complete and total idiot

    you drive a vert which should say i have no roof to protect me so i'd better wear a helmet.

    do us all a favor and stay away from the track and ones new to the sport that may be dumb enough to listen to you
  12. If you're in New Jersey it's law to wear a helmet no matter if you're running 15+ or 12-
  13. If youre running 15s and up at the track and wearing a helmet, do you also strap one on whenever you merge onto the highway? Cause youre not going too much faster than that across the line.
  14. Mine drive a 40th Anniversary Pewter Grey V6 Mustang :D
  15. NICE :nice:

  16. oh my god, i just said im done ****ing but you just had to keep on talking trash. what are the odds of that happening, i go to the track all of the time and the only thing that crashed (very seldom) is a bike and he walked away from it. i mean hell do you still watch BARNY or do you still breast feed from your mom ha. go ahead wear a helmet but im not the one giong to get made fun of :nono:
  17. A helmet is a safety precaution, and you're an asxhole for making fun of anyone for wearing one anytime, if the guy wants to wear one to drive to work, or to the grocery store - more power to him, you've obviously never been involved in a high speed accident (maybe you can't go 'high speed'), I've been involved in 2, neither were my fault - once at about 86mph on the interstate, dude changed lanes into my left rear quarter panel, car turned left, directly into the cement barricade that keeps you from crossing into oncoming traffic, turned onto the passenger side, and slide roof-against-barrier for about 250-300 feet - I don't know about you, but, I go faster than 85 at the track, and that was one of the scariest things that has ever happened to me, I had on no helmet, and the impact from the airbag was enough to make me wish I did, it hurts, not as bad as your skull bouncing against the B pillar, but, it still hurts.

    I also managed to be acting like a moron one night on my bike, it was very late and I had assumed no one else was out, apparently a 16 year old girl had assumed the same thing, she rolled through a stop sign and pulled onto the main road directly in front of me while I was doing 90, I panic'd, locked up the brakes, she did too, I managed to miss her car but, lost it - and had a nice encounter with the pavement, the only place on me that wasn't protected by gear, were my legs (stupidity on my part, it was hot, I chose against it), and they got fxcked up. My head, didn't even hurt, even though my helmet was cracked in 2 places from the pavement.

    Helmets save lives, plain and simple, whether it's on a motorcycle, on a NASCAR track at 200mph, or some kids 15+ second car at the track, and I return to my previous statement, if you make fun of someone for wearing safety equipment, you're an asxhole.

    And for the record, kiddo - it's pretty dumb to show your asx by making fun of someone for wearing a helmet, and then expect no one else to respond to it, simply beacuse you're "done bxtching", you're going to get heat for stupid comments, so expect it. Your first response, from YZBot was dead on, and you're going to run into a lot more of them if you insist on being immature.

    EDIT: Also, what's this doing in tech? Obviously your helmet concepts aren't the only time intelligent thoughts escaped your grasp.
  18. ok buddy...go take a low 13 sec stang and drive it straight into the wall, without a helmet and see if your alright. ...Cause nobody has ever wrecked a car going in the 13s or higher. And its not always the driver who causes the crash...apparently you ahve never seen the rear end fly out the back of a car! ...You are definatly a highschooler with the mentality of a 3rd grader. I am only 16...and still in highschool and I can recognize the fact that you are both immature and obviously insecure if ur worried about being laughed at.
  19. look apperantly you all think that wearing a helmet is safe and it is. but there is a fine line where you do and you dont. if you have an all out drag car yea you do wear a helmet. if you have your daily beater you really dont have to because you really do look gay wearing one and the odds of you crashing is very very low. like i said in the past if you want to wear one go ahead wear one. and apperently you all have not been to a drag strip and because of all of the strips i have been in the past especially the nhra events. in the nhra if you run a 13.5 or better you have to wear a helmet. if the pro's say that you dont have to wear a helmet going above 13.5 im not going to wear one. i know that i cant force anybody to not wear a helmet going that slow but if it floats your boat or it makes you feel important wear one but go to a drag strip and count how many people dont wear a helmet running 15+

  20. look i know youve just gotten your drivers permit and your new to the mustang world and and youve seen that video of the mustang rear end fly out from underneath it. i can garentee you that it was not a 13sec car but a 11 or a 10sec car. I can tell that you have never been to a real drag strip before. go to one and see how many people are wearing a helmet driving there daily drivers.
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