who? what? where am i?

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  1. haven't really been around here in ages, it seems. browsing around, i see a lot of new people and am pleased to see a lot of SN veterans still.

    i just moved back down to so-cal [Poway] and [i told myself i wasn't gonna cry...] i had to leave my 'stang in northern Cali. my pop lives in Modesto and is keeping her in the sideyard until i have a place to store/work on her.

    for the past year i have been driving a 92 integra LS. i just installed new suspension on it and am very pleased. tomorrow i'll be getting my strut bars [front & rear, upper & lower]. they are cheap but i want to use them as a model to make my own. it's not fast, but at least it's fun to drive on twisty roads!

    i really want to start thinking about my mustang again. this integra has made me think of things that might not have occured to me otherwise. for instance, i really want adjustable springs/shocks. and i love my Yokohama ES100's. anyone seen a classic stang with Falken Azenis tires?

    this fall i am determined to take a welding course at the local JC. i want to be DOING something!!

    i'd like to hear from people in the San Diego area. i want to see classic mustangs! i've been deprived for so long!

    time to eat. --Matt

    P.S. just wanted you all to know that on the honda forum, i use the same avatar and username. no one has commented so far. i don't think they realize what they are seeing...