Who will be buying the 2011 V6 model

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  1. What with the V6 getting a much needed power boost I am curious as to how many of you guys/gals will be getting one.
  2. I will probably get one in a couple of years and maybe used. I'm not willin to get in another big payment for a while. :)
  3. I will be considering it. I'm hoping to convince my wife to take my mustang (she has a stupid cavalier), so i can get a new one. Then i'll have to see on the GT or the V6 again. :D
  4. just as soon as i recover from getting raped by the IRS one is MINE.
  5. for $3,000 I can supercharge our V6 and have way more hp AND not have a payment. Plus have a car that's good looking. I don't care for the new girly-ized Mustangs. Ford did the same thing with the 97 F150.
  6. I will get one of the V6 definitely. V8 is too strong to me. The only problem is that there may not be deals as good as 2010 models.
  7. The new engines make me wanna put one in the 05 one day. but thats just a pain. :)
  8. Yeah, it's not going to be as powerful as people think. They see the 95 horse power increase to almost a GT's level and go "whoa!" But your only gaining 40 torque, so it's just going to be a decent increase, but still pretty good. It's the gas mileage that would be a selling point for me; with the added decent amount of increase in power, be a great daily driver.
  9. With the 5.0 coming back with the S197 body... i dont think id go with the v-6 again. Just that 5.0 shiny new badge would make me smile:D
  10. IMHO the front end of the V6 is far more attractive than the front fascia of the GT. There is just too much happening at once on the GT.
  11. sorry mate, the 2011 model year is the best mustang generation hands down. they fixed everything. they even made the V6 a cool car right out of the box.

    im proud of ford. taurus rocks, 2011 focus rocks, and hell even the new fiesta rocks! what about that raptor?

    ford is kickin tail right now :) :flag:
  12. I'd say every Ford car is kickin in some degree. They've been impressing me more everyday.
  13. I ordered one on 2/18 ...

    V6 Coupe Premium
    Manual Trans
    MCA Pkg
    HID Headlamps
    Security Pkg
    Kona Blue Metallic
    Black Stripes
    Black Leather Int

    Hopefully it will be delivered sometime in May.

  14. Dont forget the F150:nice:
  15. Sweet:nice:

    Whats the MCA package?
  16. It stands for Mustang Club of America pkg for V6 coupes and convertibles.
    The package includes a billet aluminum style grille, lower fog lamps, and a unique stripe on the sides. At the rear of the car you will find a black-out trim between the tail lamps and a deck lid spoiler. Additionally, a set of upgraded 18” aluminum wheels round out the package. :)
  17. Here are two pics of the MCA pkg at the Chicago Auto Show ...
  18. My X-Charged 4.0 is putting down 300rwhp/352rwtq. Figuring for an 18% drivetrain loss, that's about 354fwhp/415fwtq vs the 305fwhp/280fwtq offered by the '011 V6. I think I'm good with my existing ride for a while yet :p

    I also still haven't warmed to the 2010+ styling changes. I like my ponies retro and clean.

    Now when the new 5.0L cars start becoming available used in a few years, well then I might find some extra room in the stable. I love every detail of that engine.
  19. How much boost arre you running with your X-charger? Did you modify any internals?
  20. I'm running ~10psi, stock internals