Who will be buying the 2011 V6 model

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  1. You think it's possible to do your setup to a V6 that already has 70k miles on it? Or even just 6-8psi?
  2. On a well maintained Pony, without known engine problems, I don't see why not.

    One of the other X-Charger owners (JimC) installed his at 90K and he's up to 132K with no issues now (and the car prior to the 90K mark was fitted with Nitrous and going to the track regularly, so hardly a babied "little old lady that only took it to church on sundays" car at the time he switched)
  3. I think I do :D Do Mobil 1 synthetic oil changes every 5k, and I never drive until the choke wears off from a cold start. Anyone else do that? Feel like I'm the only one, lol. Everyone I see just hops in their car, starts and slams it into gear.

    But on another note, supercharging would be an alternative. Stopped by the Ford dealer to look at a nice Sterling Grey GT, and the MSRP was like 34k! They wanted 2k for a glass roof. Does the windshield cost 2k?, ha! But my point is, the 05's seemed to start out a LOT cheaper than these new ones. Might be cheaper and funner to keep the same car and supercharge it.
  4. Going to give them a year to get the bugs worked out, not alawys the best to be first in line for something new. Then in 2012 i'll look for a wreaked one and swap drivetrains.
  5. I'll be really tempted to trade the 2001 GT for a new V-6 when the excitement and prices settle down. I use mine as a daily driver (100 miles per day) and, while I love it and the sound is incredible, the gas mileage is a little less than efficient. These new V-6s are fast and efficient. Hard to beat that. I have to hear one in person though.
  6. i did the math last night and i'll be picking one up just as soon as the new-hype wears off and a good interest rate comes around. probably about summer of 2011. wahoo!!!!!!!
  7. I still can't decide. I always told myself I wanted at least one V8 Mustang in my life, and that new 5.0 couldn't be better choice. But man, that kinda power and gas mileage out of a V6 that I would be driving 40miles a day. Really hard choice.
  8. I'll be getting one as soon as they hit dealerships and I do alil shopping for the best price! spring/summer soontimez cant wait!! :D:)
  9. Dealer e-mailed me the INVOICE & VIN # yesterday and I then went to Ford's site and down loaded / printed off the Window Sticker.

    Car is currently scheduled to arrive at my dealership around April 28th ... going to be a long two weeks !!

    Dealer also ordered a Black Premium MT GT for stock later the same day (as my order) and it is supposedly scheduled to arive at the same time as my car. I'm pretty sure the sales manager (and maybe even my sales gal) would like to test drive my car, so I'll get a chance to test drive the GT too.