Who will be the bigger man?

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Who will be the bigger man and how will it end?

  1. Hop will apologize to Pak for his over-sensitive reaction to what was obviously an attempted insult

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  2. Pak will apologize to Hop knowing that this is a family forum and although not possible at all times

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  3. Stalemate, this will never end and we will continue to waste time and disk space watching/participat

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  4. It will go on and on until they forget what principal they are arguing about and then it will become

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  1. I ask this in regards to Hop and Pak's ongoing feud. We all are witnessing it, and I personally believe that both have initiated as well as retaliated at one time or another. I read somewhere that it takes a bigger man to turn the other cheek...as well as it takes a big man to accept responsibility for his actions and to apologize when in the wrong. Who do you think it will be first if either, and how will it end?

    I hope it ends soon unless stangnet has made huge strides toward disk space and archiving USEFUL threads...
  2. I predict a lockage of the thread.
  3. Why would this thread get locked when there have been ongoing mudslinging battles in other threads that have not been locked up to this point. All we are doing is guessing the way it will end. This thread does not break any of the stangnet rules.

  4. Not THIS thread..................THE thread.
  5. My bad Oz...sorry. Wow, maybe I could lead them by example...:jester:
  6. Perhaps it will end when this happens..............
  7. I think those two are just hostile .... :D

    Seriously, here is why I wouldnt apologize .
    Let me first say that I have apologized for my actions in the past , so Im not above it. In this case, I wont because I cant think of a reason to.

    Here is the deal.

    Even Frenchys closest buds know this is the truth. Frenchy sought me out. Sought me out for making some easily reversible mods to a Shelby. Nothing permanent. Nothing irrepairable. He just came after me. And I must say, it was rather hypocritical of him , since his own car is not as it rolled off Fords assembly line. Hes changed interior and exterior components. ( made rather feminine choices too, now that opinions are being cast between us) I only made some exterior mods . But "Elewhore, and everything else hes said specifically for me, I never got "mad" .Even in his "poll" he wrote Ele-something or another. . . And then he reads in another thread Im a Christian. So he changes his avatar to include 2 symbols directly related to insulting Christianity. Okay. Ill play ...I found out hes French. ( French Canadian per Frenchy but you can color a turd purple, its still a turd..) after he was intelligent enough to post his doctors report for everyone on the web to see. By the way, dont EVER post personal info like that on the web. You would be SHOCKED what some people(fortunately for him, not me) would do with that. So I capitalized on the Frenchy thing.. Lucky for him I simply laugh most of the time and never get mad. I suppose the upside down Cross angers me somewhat , but I simply state the fact it is a desecration , and leave him to HIS judgement on it , and pick at him for being French. People talk about about squaring off , and Frenchy made a reference to something about "In PERSON" .Well, ok.... All Id willingly do is thumb wrestle it out . I will however say this and leave it at that. I dont brag or threaten. BUT, before calling me out, just make sure that Medicaid is paid up
    I never went after Frenchy till he came after me. I had no cause. He found one in Eleanor. Then he got mad when he got spanked for bashing me. And kept on and on. :flag: Id invite everyone here out to the house, have dinner, talk cars, swim in the lake, whatever. Im a very nice guy . But like EVERYONE here, Ill poke back when poked. No big deal. To me, its fun. YALL ROCK !!
  8. judging from the little of this I have seen, I would advise against pausing your respiration while waiting for a resolution.
  9. while i've never been a fan of hop's choice with the shelby, and made comments about it before... it seemed pak just wanted to piss him off with this, so I'd have to side with Hop on this one...
  10. Man, you know there's a Hell in Norway right? I bet it is frozen quite frequently. :p
  11. YAYYY!!!!SADBUTTRUE!!! :hail2:

    Yes, SBTrue has in the past let it be known he wouldnt do the mods , but he was always mature about his input. Never any of that " Im gawna get me a real Lambogheeny and make a fee-arrow out of it" crap. I dont get upset just because someone doesnt like Eleanor . Just dont insult "me" about it. :shrug: . I still think it comes down to my British slash Norse roots that Frenchy really doesnt like. :flag:
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    What is so dang hard to understand about these simple rules. Why is there a feud between 2 members of this forum taking place in the forums? Take it to the PM system already. Every other thread on this forum is either one of them attacking the other outright, or has posts that are attacking each other. What a lame way to spend your time, sifting through 800 posts between these two just to find something enjoyable to talk about. :nonono: :notnice:
  13. I couldn't agree more Ty. I was hoping this would help illustrate how ridiculous it is. As mentioned, way too many threads have been allowed to carry on like this.
  14. well i think the avatar change that pak made was all in jest really and the hop took offense to it and now nobody is willing to back down from it, i sided with pak in that thread because i could see the humor in it then hop PM'd me asking why i took pak's side and i explained that hop just needed to lighten up a bit and take the post for what it actually was, HUMOR, albeit a little at hop's expense but we've all done that and normally that's one of the things that makes SN a great place to hang out. lately though everyone seems to be taking things way to personally. just my thoughts and opinions on the subject, please feel free to continue the bashing. carry on all my circumsized compadres :D
  15. I think its moronic, bordering on gaydom.

    me saying that means alot, considering I have the market cornered for moronicism and gaydomness.
  16. Is gaydomness really a word? Although I am certain that it is not, I know for fact that HM does, in fact, have the market cornered as he once referred to me as the "Pamela Anderson of Stangnet". :eek:

    Sometimes that monkey just ain't right :nonono:
  17. its a word if I say it is damnit.

    dont make me say it again
  18. Say what again? :D
  19. It will be HOP hands down. While Pak has sworn off "getting even" in the not too distant past, he still keeps these lame ass threads coming because basically, he can't take off his stripes. If he walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, he most probably is still a duck. I personally think he likes being a duck. To say you're going to do something is one thing, but to turn around and not do it is .................well, you know.