Who will be the bigger man?

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Who will be the bigger man and how will it end?

  1. Hop will apologize to Pak for his over-sensitive reaction to what was obviously an attempted insult

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  2. Pak will apologize to Hop knowing that this is a family forum and although not possible at all times

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  3. Stalemate, this will never end and we will continue to waste time and disk space watching/participat

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  4. It will go on and on until they forget what principal they are arguing about and then it will become

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  1. Yeah well I did stop for a while even when the truce was thrown back in my face as a sign of weakness. So I forgot to change my avatar when we both changed our signatures. Big frickin deal. I quickly got tired of a one sided truce and decided to retort again. Nice to know you would all be so much bigger and stronger about it than me though. :rolleyes: I guess I'll just have to try and follow everyones fine example they set and be a better person than I currently am and hold myself to your higher standards. I'll change my Avatar in the interest of peace and I will not reply to any more childish jabs, but let he is without sin here cast the next stone. We'll see what good little boys and girls all you model citizens can be.

    I sincerely appologize to all of you for the time and disk space that I've wasted, I had no idea of the drain it was putting on everyones lives. Lets just keep things in perspective though since time seems to distort peoples memories. Hop isn't the martyr he makes himself out to be. He made it pretty public in other forums that he mainly came here to shove his project up our asses and he contributes very little to the tech section, but whatever. Lines get drawn, sides get chosen, so be it. As I recently discussed with Oboe, I am done with all this :bs: . He had no problem with my last post and fixed the poll himself for me. Despite the overwhelming odds, I am still changing it. How often it gets seen now remains to be determined.

    BTW, I really expected more from you 67GT. :(
  2. Gotta kinda agree on that one dude. If you don't want to sift thru all teh junk to find something good to read why would you put a poll on this thread ? Why even make one ? Isn't that a little like the kid on the play ground antagonizing to other kids to fight for his own enjoyemnt ? I have no idea what all the hoopla is about and don't really care, but this thread didn't help any in letting it die.
    And as far as whoever is doing what to a Shelby, by god don't let me get my hands on one. I'll put it to use doing what it was built for. RACING :uzi: :nono: I would put in subframes, a rollcage and I would weld them BOTH!!!!! :D
  3. Pak, I am not taking sides, I think there has been enough antagonization from both parties to the point where it has consumed a large percentage of the talk section. I was merely trying to make a point of how silly it has turned out to be and hopefully it would result in some sort of resolution. My hat is off to you for changing your avatar, it answers the question in the subject of this thread. I also understand that not everyone is going to get along, but how many threads have to be hijacked to fuel this disagreement?

    As for whether this thread helped or not in resolving it, I really don't care, maybe it triggered something in Pak to change his avatar back, maybe it didn't. We are all guilty of mudslinging, myself included, but this has gone on a lot longer than a few days. I am kind of surprised that anybody viewed it to begin with, most of my threads tend to go unnoticed...
  4. In addition, the whole point of this poll/thread was to point out how carried away it has gotten, and neither is less or more guilty than the other IMHO. It appears as though I am not the only person who feels it is getting drawn out too far by some of the other responses.
  5. I would like to add, that I was wrong. Pak is the bigger man to put a stop to all this. Kudos to you bro. :nice:
  6. :banana:
  7. i second tylers :nonono: come on hop, i think you are starting to enjoy this
  8. okay ... Im gonna make an attempt, an ATTEMPT now !.. I shant say anything unless its retaliatory. I promise. :rolleyes:
  9. It is why I put him on my "ignore" list....I don't see his posts, and I don't read his threads! :nonono:
  10. BTW, dido.
  11. hahah His last post to me was that North Carolinians were inbreds. :rlaugh:
    I never said a word to him,, he was just backing Frenchy.. Ill really lose a lot of sleep over this guy...
  12. I think they are both enjoying this, otherwise we have two very angry people on our hands...
  13. 67Gt you actually are right. Im not going to lie , I do (did, will, :shrug: ) enjoy seeing what Frenchy would attack me with and responding to it. I will say this though, go back and read the threads. There was never a "angry" tone to my responses . I laughed about everything he and 65 did or said, with the exception of the Cross. I was never "mad" . Just like you said, Frenchy has fun too. He says different, hes lieing. If he didnt, hed of quit long ago....
  14. Somebody call the whaaaaaambulance!


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  15. LOL, well whatever it's worth, I'M getting a kick out of it all!
  16. Where was I for this thread? I thought I was Mr. Rogers here...
    The problem would have been quickly over had they ignored each other.
    They are both quite stubborn.
    I think they're too much alike, but that could just be me.
  17. Yeah Pengy , you fell down on the job here.. :rolleyes: I like Frenchy to be honest. I like bantering with him. Hes guilty too. May not like me though... :shrug: And like Route says, he had a blast reading it all , and I guarantee he aint alone.... Someone ( not Pak or I of course)should start the Pak and Hop thread , to be viewed by those interested only. We can iron out our differences and nobody should come on saying for me to suck it up and not respond or tell Pak to shut his manpleaser. .If we disagreed on something on another thread, take it to our happy thread :rlaugh: .... That would keep anyone that didnt want to hear our squabbling from having to read around it.