Who would like high resolution photos of their cars?

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  1. I want to see if there is any interest because if there is some I can get ahold of a 12MP digital camera with good lenses to take some high quality photos. This wouldn't be free though because I think he will rent it to me and not lend it lol :notnice:

    If we do a meet in a nice area, we can surely find a good spot to take some pictures, I'm not talking about car on lawn photos (always hated those) I want people to own clean, clear, and crisp images of their cars. The quality would be good enough to have life size prints made lol.

    We normally charge around $125 per photo, then there is the added charge of photo-retouches, burning to CD and prints. But if I do this alone (not with the company) it would cost a lot less than that. I want to see if we can get at least 10 people involved at $40 each which would include one 8x10 and a CD with 1 base64 high-res photo (RAW), large JPEG, small internest size JPEG, huge EPS and TIFF files which you can send to a printers to have HUGE prints made. All photos would be calibrated on a $7,000 G5 system with Cinema display system (calibraded with Pantone spider system). So it won't be a pile of crap.

    The cost will cover the charge of renting the camera and using the G5 to calibrate the photos. It will be a lot of work to take 10 photos in one day. But if we go to ONE spot and take turns (5 in the morning, change positions and do 5 in the afternoon due to sunlight). It should work out.

    I would bring the glass cleaner, towels, california duster, rags, and an air compressor. You'd have to bring some armour-all and a clean car. And some hot single chicks to come and sit on the hoods is cool with me :D

    If you would like more photos than just one isometric view let me know. But I think this could work out since a lot of people only have little photos of their cars on the lawn. Make the car last forever with a high-res photo :D
  2. Hey I've thaught about something, for the meet this summer, if it isn't to sanair dragway, all of us can search for a nice spot in their areas, and take a photo of that spot, and finally post it here :)

    What do you'll think?
  3. I found an awsome spot in Montreal, it was all pavé uni and no traffic it's near Notre-Dame street...

    Crazy spot at St-Anne-de-Beauprit (sp?) that's near Quebec. Nothing much in the eastern town ships except on Mount Shefford or in the lake brome area...
  4. Interesting idea...:)
  5. Oh oh oh.... I can find an old stable with horses as a background! HOW ABOUT THAT for a Mustang photo shoot place :)
  6. Count me in.

    Some cool stables and horses in Rigaud ... nice mountain views too.

    But i'm in wherever it is.
  7. I'm going to start searching for places and take pics to see which would be best for us. But it won't be before mid May when all the greens are at their best!

    BTW: this could also become a meet, well it will if 10 of us get together :nice: I might be stuck with the ZX2 but hopefully I'll be one of the 10 getting the Mustang immortalized. An old style A&W type place would be awsome too. If we could hire some cute ladies to pose with some rollerblades carrying platters of fast food... I don't know... I am aiming for freaking cool pictures..
  8. Count me in Boss,
    Anytime is good, as long as it's on the weekend :D
    Getting pictures of cars on runways has always looks sweet...might cause a problem tho...you know...with the planes using it and all.... :p