Who would win? Me vs. old school muscle

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  1. My dad just picked up a '66 Caprice with a 396 (he's got an Edsel in the stable too, no worries). Anyway, once he gets it fixed up a bit, he wants to race me on an open stretch of the highway.

    I don't know if I will do it or not, because I never race, but just wondering what would happen.

    Him: stock 396 Caprice. Big block, sure, but it's powering a boat.

    Edelbrock heads 1.6/1.9 valves w/ FMS 1.6 roller rockers
    Vortech blower w/2.95 pulley
    Typhoon intake
    70mm throttle body
    90mm MAF
    42# injectors
    3.73s (AOD)
    Full exhaust: 1 5/8 headers, hi-flo h-pipe w/cats, 2.5" catback

    My boost levels and RWHP will be known in a couple weeks after it sees some dyno time.

    **BEFORE I added the heads, rockers, Powerpipe, 42# injectors (i had 30's) and 90mm MAF I put down 300/330 at the wheels.**

    So, who would everyone place their bets on?
  2. You would win easily. He will probably jump you down low (I believe those have a good amount of torque), but you will pull away after that.
  3. I love musclecars (especially mine :D) but you should win this one hands down. Big blocks have lots of potential (and 396s were available from Chevy in 325/350/375 HP versions) but it doesn't sound like he has many mods and the '66 Caprice is hardly a lightweight.
  4. u will blow his doors off faster then he can say what the **** just happened......i have a ? for u though manson...how do u have a blown stang and NEVER race?? how can u do it..i dont understand...i need to know.....

  5. Because he loves his car for what it is, now for what it can do.
  6. No doubt! Thats like having a hot chick and just cuddling :rlaugh: Anyway, you would win hands down.
  7. I figured as much, but wanted to make sure. He mentioned putting money on it, and for a sure thing... ;)

    Back when I had the car at 300RWHP, he thought his Crown Vic Police Interceptor could take it. :rolleyes: He used to race back in the day but he obviously isn't too familiar with the 302 :nice:

    lxwants12's, partly I'm afraid to break something while racing (still have a stock block. once it blows, all bets are off) and partly I'm too cheap to get into it. I know if I start going often I will want to go nuts on it, and there goes the bank account :crazy:

    I enjoy the hell out of just driving around like a grandma with frequent flashbacks to her hot rod youth :rlaugh: I'm not speeding and racing around the streets but I do get on it.

    Plus it's my show whore.
  8. :rlaugh: I'm my car's ****.
  9. thats true it is a whore for sure.....hehe...i dont mean beat on it like pound it into the ground..but when u say u never race it just shocks me...seeing u have a stock block i understang ur concern...but if i were u i would run 6- 8psi and have a nice safe tune..ull have plenty of power and keep shifting just under 6k rpm ul be fine..these blocks are tanks...and they will hold up till u get greedy....im going to be racing a 454 old school mailibu not sure what year bu the race got setup through a friend of mine...he says the mailbu is pretty fast..dunno what that means thats coming from a guy with an awd turbo eclipse thats not faters then a 14.5 and thinks his car is fast..so without me seein the mailbu i put $400 on the line and we r racing sat night....im running et streets, skinnies, and the n20 install will be done by tomorrow night..spraying 75 ...so im pretty confident....
  10. Yea I know, but safe than sorry though. IMO, anyway. It's got a safe tune already, getting an updated one to go w/my new parts, and that's just it. There aren't any real close tracks either and my schedule doesn't allow much for anything other than weekend racing, and my weekends are usually full of other stuff anyway. :shrug: Less money to spend, the way I look at it ;) I've done enough! lol
  11. Let him win...keep from breaking anything, while making an old man feel good about his car...priceless.
  12. :lol:
    true true....my dad kinda is like this...doubts my car alot...we could be driving then he sees an older or newer vette.....i mean like a 1995 with those ****ty lt1's...or a c5 and tells me they would "dust" me...till he went to the track and i spanked a c6 not a z06 but a reg one...he was like what the **** just happened...then was like he must have shifted bad...i then went against a 05 gto...same scenario...im still trying to prove myself and my car to him..ohh well u win some u lose some
  13. When he first brought it up I think I went, "PFFFT!" and told him not with my new heads and blower on the car. He thought about it for a couple seconds and said 'you may be right."
    I doubt I will race, but I'll let him take it for a ride so he can experience it :)
  14. your car should run in the 11's or 12's on street tires, his car should run 15's or 16's.

    Tbh, I don't know why your wasting our time asking. It's street racing, imo your both losers.
  15. Thanks a lot for your input. Being called a loser by someone who can't even spell usually ruins my day.

    Now pull your head out of your ass and go back to read where I said a) I have never raced anywhere, b) I am asking because I'm not planning on racing.

    I, and most, never start anything with anyone around here. Why do you?
  16. Learn your place prior to making statements like that dumbass.
  17. :Word:

    IF i had ur set up, only thing i would be worried about is an Ls6 454 chevelle, maybe a 426hemi's boss 429's, and 350 ram air Gran Sport from the old school era. How often do ya see those, but get some picks up of your paps ride. :nice:
  18. As you may have guessed I have limited experience with and in regards to big blocks.

    I'll put up before/after pics once he gets somewhere with it. The thing is a damn heap, he got it off a neighborhood older guy who wanted to get it out of the yard. Been sitting there for years, and it looks worse than you'd imagine. But it runs strong, so it's all cosmetic. Dad's Edsel is all redone so he needed a new project toy, this'll definitely keep him busy!
  19. you stated he wants to race on the highway, rofl, then you stated I never race.. lol ok so get your practice on the street... great idea.... wtf is wrong with you people... don't you get it that street racing is for LOSERS. grow the fck up and learn not to do it on the street.

    god i wish i was a moderator here to clean up all this dumb sheet you kids start with your street race threads
  20. Who said I was going to? Nobody.

    If I said I know someone who wants to jump off a bridge would you understand that as "I am going to jump off a bridge with this guy"?