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  1. At dinner this evening, my wife pointed out to me that,

    "You amaze me. You just blew your engine halfway out of your car. And you're moping because it'll take you three whole weeks and four hundred dollars to get it running again. This from the man who had never handled a power tool in his life before I met him."

    Clink, went the wine glasses.

    Here's to the do-it-yourself'ers.
  2. Ah hah, so your wife has been teaching you how to fix stuff, huh?? heh heh.
  3. Wow. No half-measures, here; I screwed this one up, good.


    On the plus side, the engine and tranny came out in one piece and it was about a thousand times easier than I thought it could be; it took exactly four hours from the time the car was delivered via AAA. The lynchpin was the purchase of a "Load Leveler," a little screw thingy for the engine hoist that let us alter the angle of the assembly as we removed it. Highly recommended. :nice:

  4. If I see what I think I'm seeing it's been a few years since I've seen this, since I worked at the propane dealer.

    Our trucks were powered by LPG without valve lube. At 80 to 100k miles the valves would recess into the head so far as to completely collapse the lifter. The seat face would work straight and the valves would get razor edges.

    The engine would lose power and later start missing and backfireing at shut down. If left in service long enough the engine would eventually swallow a valve.

    Nasty stuff.

    Sometimes there would be lifter noise but not always.