Whoring someone else's car.

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  1. Do you know who's car it is? If not, oh well, he'll chime in.


  2. Correcto. Paul and I got a few pics in the other day. We didn't have much time and I believe these two were the only ones that came out good.
  3. OMG that car is pure sex.WOW
  4. yeah, looks even better rolling on the street! the stance is absolutely perfect.
  5. Someone has some camera and photo shop skills, those pictures look fantastic.

    Mean looking car, do you think it would look better with a spoiler?

  6. I don't! :nice:
  7. Looks good, but I agree it needs a spoiler.
  8. wow thats so sick!
  9. I just ordered one last night. Kinda looks like this one.


    I've always loved the wingless/spoilerless look on these cars. The trunk lid has a nice little ducktail sort of going on with it. If I ever get one, it would probably be the xenon spoiler.