Who's a good spark chaser?

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  1. All right , I have been helping this guy I know with a fuel pump install cause he had a stock one. Well I sell him a 190lph for $60 and install it for him. The car cranks up and ran fine for 2 days. On the 2nd day his car just shut off while he was driving. Now its sitting in a parking lot. I felt like $hit because I thought the pump I gave him was bad. We put in a brand new 255 and nothing. You cant hear the pump kick on when you turn the key in the on position. So we replaced the relay under the seat. Still nothing. I havent busted out the multimeter yet cause I was on post at the time. Could a wire have just gone bad while he was driving? Do I check for power at the relay first? This ever happened to anyone? And yes the enertia switch is reset. Thanks guys. :shrug:
  2. Check the starter solenoid.. Its directly in front of driverside strut tower.. The positive battery cable goes to it.. It could be bad.. Has nothing to do with the pump, specially if you hear it coming on.. Take off the schrader valve (on fuel rail, not sure if i spelt it right) cap and after turning the key on and off press the valve to see if any fuel shoots out.. If it does the pump is working cuz your getting fuel to the engine
  3. But the fuel pump never primes. You cant hear it bzzzzzz when you turn the key in the on position. Could that still be the starter solenoid? And the pump is good, we checked it directly to the battery. PLease help, I really appriciate it.
  4. is it not getting ignition? the car i just got rid of was doing that, everything appeared to be in tip top shape, turned out that the cam was broken and the distributor wasnt turning to distribute any spark...
  5. Have you tried bypassing the enertia switch? On my old 87 taurus i had to do this the switch was reset but still no fuel. Cut the wires that lead into the switch an spliced them together an it worked.
  6. I thought of that but didnt feel like getting the schematic out and tracing wires. I mean Im willing to go all out to fix a guys car but he needs to do his research too right? I will do that, with the enertia switch. But even if the enertia switch and starter soleniod was bad, wouldnt the pump still get power when the key is in the on position? Let me know. I appriciate it guys, the thing is this guy just ETS from the Army and needs to drive to Texas in the car asap. He was supposed to leave yesterday but we couldnt get it running. He was driving it when it cut off, and now there is no power at the pump.
  7. Really i don't think the starter solenoid has anything to do with the pump not getting power maybe it does but i've never experianced that with a bad starter solenoid. The enertia switch being bad yeah the pump wouldn't get power.
  8. Run a long wire from the + battery term. to the purple (i think maybe pink) wire in the relay connector under the seat...Runs power directly to the inertial switch and the pump...

    Still no pump it's the inertial switch...If it runs try and tap in directly ahead of the relay under the seat...If it pumps then it's the wiring before the relay thats messed up...

    BTW isn't there a fuse somewhere in circuit...Not sure if it's in the fuse box or a fuseible link in the wiring...Maybe you already checked...
  9. Yea, we replaced the relay to the pump and nothing happened, still no power to the pump. Thanks for the input, we will try the bypass in the morning and let you know what we come up with. Thanks guys.
  10. OK, we replaced the relay to the eec and checked another in line fusable link(18gage). Any suggestions now. Could the computer have taken a sh**? Just curios. It is speed density and everything else seems to check out, but we havent checked every individual wire yet. Should we? Please help!
  11. this post is all over the place!! You need to check for spark first,(pull off a wire, and ground it) then check for fuel, like someone said push in the little schrader valve and turn the car on to see if any fuel comes out,start simple, don't rush into changing computers and bypassing everthing until you pinpoint where the problem is coming from.....
  12. Got it!

    I finally got it man, it was a connection where the adapter goes into the fuel pump. i traced all wires from the fuel relay to the pump with a multimeter. I got power from the realy all the way to where the wires for the pump go through the floor. So I drop the tank again, and found where it was bad. Thank Goodness it wasnt the computer!!!!! Thanks for your help man and eveyone elses here in the forums! THANK GUYS! :cheers: