Who's coming to Nashville??

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  1. I know Dave's planning on coming down out of Ohio, little bro 98CobraClone is coming down, but who else is planning on coming to Nashville for the big bash?? I'll be making the trip from West Tn possibly without my II since I won't be able to make it home to get it before the show.
    But I'd like to keep my eyes open for specific people when I'm up in Nashville in a couple weeks.
  2. I'll be there with my 88 Texas Hwy Patrol car. I've coordinated our own class and leading the parade into Downtown Thursday night. My II isn't finished yet. Still need a few NOS parts and regular parts that I can't find anywhere (78 2.3l) to get it on the road.

    I'm also doing the Mustangs Across America. Out of 330 cars registered not 1 II. In the past we've had at least 1 or 2.

  3. The Mustang club I'm in was talking about this last year, and they said hotels will be booked months in advance. Is this true? If I'm not doing anything that weekend, I might be up for a trip out there. Haven't taken the Cobra on a road trip in a while.
  4. My older bro was in Lebanon which is where the track actually is a few months ago, and all the hotels in that area are already booked up, but I'm one of the luck ones to have a bunch of family around Nashville.
  5. I will be there but not with the car
  6. just passing through,never posted in this forum.i love going to car shows and seeing mustangs i don't get to see all that much,so i'm hoping the mustang II will be well represented.i'll be looking for those in addition to various T5s,SVO,also '79 to '81 cobras,cobra Rs,etc.,etc.i hope it won't be all '65 and 5.0L fox mustangs.don't get me wrong,i love those cars,an '83 GT is my favorite,but different mustangs is what i'm into seeing!see ya'll there!
  7. As Stang2 said......I'll be there, but the II will be at home.

    If all else fails.......take a pillow with you and sleep in the car at the rest area, haha
  8. Yeah, a II's a real comfortable car to sleep in. :rolleyes: Especially for a 6'3" guy like me. lol
  9. push the front seats all the way up fold down the back seat, and lay your head on the spare tire hump. Of course I'm only 5'8" and I'll pulled that tricked when I was accompanied by a lovely young lady. I'm not sure how much of a radius from the show the hotels are locked up though. I'm sure something about an hour radius should be available. I think some of the campgrounds may be available, but not for sure, since I didn't call about any of em. www.mustang.org has information about different places. I hope to see every body there, I know I'll be able to spot Dave as long as he has his car there. But as far as anybody else, I'll just be able to spot my bros and nephew since they'll be wit me,
  10. Load testing the rear shocks I presume? :nice:
  11. it's called slow ride, hehe
  12. shame is that it will be impossible to lay the seats back if/when I get a cage
  13. ill be there but unfortunatly the iis still not done so i didnt register it if i find a tranny and get all my bugs worked out ill drive it if not ill be in my wifes millenia but as to finding people i read somewere that the cars will be parked by the years i.e. ii's with ii's foxes with foxes the way it should be go to www.mustangii.net theres lotsa people going oh yeah if you are going to be in horse cave ky with that bunch thats staying over night there ill probably see you im planing to come over and see how many ii's are there being i work a whole 3 miles from the hotel you will be staying at well wish me luck hopefully ill have it together for a saturday arrival oh yeah if any of you have a bellhouseing tourqe converter and flexplate from a later model with the 50 oz. imbalance that you want to sell or trade let me know i have a tourqe converter and flex plate i want to sell or trade
  14. I'll be there with my 78 Ghia Coupe. Finishing up getting the car ready this weekend. Can't wait to get to the show and see all the other Mustangs, especially the II! We're coming down Thursday night. I go to some of the other All Ford shows in Illinois and Missouri, not too many though. I usually go to maybe 3 a year. If you see me, come up and say hi. Look forward to talking with other II owners.
  15. what color Ghia should I be looking for? Man I can't wait until next weekend, I'm gettin so excited
  16. how har would it be to get some of you tn. guys to come to bowling green ky. this summer for a get together we have met at beechbend raceway for the last 2 years we have a blast we get there on friday afternoon and leave sunday theres 4 of us that show up for sure and weve had one guy from mi. come down and one from mn. we met last year during the national hot rod reunion and may do the same this year it would be nice to have ya
  17. for me it would depend on what weekend it is, cuz I work every other weekend, so that makes a few things difficult. Guy I bought my 92 off of goes to the NMRA event at bowling green everytime it shows up, and it was a 5 hour drive from where I used to live (southern Ohio), But I think Bowling Green is only about 4 hours from here so it wouldn't be that bad of a drive
  18. I'll be in columbus, oh up until Friday and probably leaving from my house on Saturday to go to Nashville..........who else is making the drive from North of me???? We could maybe meet up around Lexington, KY or somewhere along the way. I'll be in the Black Vert......the II's not ready
  19. My Ghia is midnight blue with a chamois colored 1/2 vinyl top, chamois pin stripes, and chamois wheels. Hope to see you there!
  20. I got a room at Comfort Suites how sweet is that for Saturday NITE, hoowah, hehe,