Who's Ditched a Fox for a New 5.0?

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  1. So I've had my Fox for three years now and I've had a love/hate relationship with it for awhile. My car is really rare optioned and is fun, but far from perfect. I have fixed soooo much and upgraded, but now I'm starting to feel burned out fixing problems from previous owners stupidity. The lack of A/C makes my wife and I suffer most of the summer.

    Now I've been kicking around getting a '13 grabber blue GT. I want bone basic with black cloth and manual transmission. I want to baby it and stay under 1,000 miles a year. I'd like to do a few mods like Boss intake, CAI, tuner, exhaust, and 4.10s. Other than that I'd like to have a clean, original car to preserve and pamper.

    Anyone else been down this road? What did you think?
  2. I agree that when you're at the point of being fed up with a car it no longer is enjoyable. A new 5.0 is a great vehicle but I hardly doubt you can manage to stay away from it to only put 1,000 miles a year.

    BTW as for your mods list ditch the BOSS intake, it has absolutely no value on the street as it makes most of its HP past streetable RPM.
  3. Buy it and drive it. I really take care of my stuff, but fail to see the point of having a garage queen.
  4. I know a couple 5.0 Talk guys have moved on but I can't recall their screen names. I've been considering selling my '90 to make room for an 2011 GT. I really have to have one of these new 5.0's. I already liked the 2010 but the performance you get in a bone stock '11+ GT is just too much to stand.
  5. boo....damn ppl wannabe having garage queens, drive it to enjoy. Doesn't have to be a DD, but diff should see more than 1k of pavement a year. When I bought mine (sold already :shrug:) I had half that just driving it home.
  6. Actually, I have been thinking about selling my Fox since completing the 2012 Power Tour. I feel like I have accomplished everything that I want to with this car. While it is in good shape it does still need some attention and could be considered a project. My Caddy is a huge project and who really needs two project cars?

    So I have been thinking about selling my Fox and daily driver Altima. The replacement would be a 2014 Mustang GT with an Auto. I am tired of shifting.
  7. I've enjoyed your Fox over on that side of the site, but I can certainly understand wanting a new one.
  8. I got sick of my Fox years ago and wanted a change. Sold it bo buy a nicer, newer, more comfortable, more powerful car...and guess what. I sold it years later and bought another Fox.

    These little :poo: box's have some sort of magical powers that keep bringing past owners back to them! Something tells me that even if you do get ride of it....you'll be back into another one, one day......even if only as a weekend toy.
  9. Agreed ^. You have a nice ride. I'd keep it. Bite the bullet and buy a Coyote to play with and put the Fox in the garage under a cover. You simply can't replace it. You take care of your stuff so even sitting outside your new one will be nice and fun. Besides you can find a nice one of the new ones for years to come.
  10. Keep your fox and get a new GT. The new cars do not have the raw muscular feel that the foxes have. They also do not feel nearly as fast as they are, where as a fox you feel every bit of how fast you are going! I agree that the Boss intake is a waste of money, as you end up with less torque across the whole RPM range, and only a HP increase above 5K. All of your other mods will wake it up and make it feel great. Ask me how I know. :)
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