Who's dynoed their car with nitrous???

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by LS2 KLR, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. I just had my car dynoed with a 100 shot dry and only picked up 40rwhp :shrug: I was pretty disappointed. I was wondering if any of you guys dynoed yours so I could have something to compare to. Also, how safe amount of rwhp from nitrous can I go??? I was hoping to add 90-100rwhp. I left my car at Strictly Perf to have long tubes installed and a custom tune with a flip chip :nice:
  2. I ran a bigger shot than 100, about 175 shot.
  3. Seems low...you remember what your bottle pressure was at? :shrug:
  4. They believe by just tuning they will really be able to wake up my car. My a/f was 12.9 and they're going to richen it up. I filled up my bottle on the way over and it was pretty cold out. I heated it up to 900psi. They will be done with my car this morning so I'll post the final results after lunch.
  5. I Dynoed mine yesterday to see the effects of the MAC long tubes I installed Saturday. To my surprise I gained 0 rwhp and 20 fp of torque. I cant quite understand that, however on my last pull I shot the NO2(100 shot) and only picked up 40 rwhp with a fairly cold bottle. I am running a NX wet system. The dyno tech said that I should have been around 75-80 had I bothered to heat the bottle.

    225rwhp 275fp torq. N/A
    271rwhp 321fp torq. NO2
    (auto trans)
  6. 12.9 is getting lean, if you fatten it up, your power will actually go down. :( Lean makes power, but thats when things go, BOOM.
  7. numbers are in sig for a 125 shot :nice:
  8. Before the long tubes I was at
    244rwhp/287tq NA
    288/344 on nitrous

    I called a minute ago and they told me they wouldn't be able to tune my car today, which is not what I was told yesterday :notnice: I have also heard long tubes tend to make you run a little rich. Hopefully this will make the nitrous more effective!
  9. Keep us posted!
  10. Jesus, I'm at 413rwhp and 484rwtq on the 150 shot. It's an NX wet kit. :shrug:
  11. UPDATE: Just by adding fuel I gained 40rwhp/76rwtq. I'm now at 328rwhp/rw420tq. I still needed more fuel but was getting a little rich NA so we called it a day. NA I was 264/288 on a nitrous tune with timing retarded. After I get a flip chip I'm heading back and hoping for 275 NA and stopping at 350rwhp on the gas to be on the safe side.
  12. do not shot on a cold bottle, all reccomend 1000psi -1200 psi :D