Who's paying over 60K?

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  1. Has anyone actually paid more than 60K for a Shelby?
  2. i dont think anybody would admit to it if they did ha.
  3. They will all say that they got it for sticker or less>> haha the ford dealers suck :bang:
  4. Evidently there are still enough people who are willing to pay 60K or more for a GT500 because the dealerships haven't started dropping the prices much yet even though there is plenty of inventory out there. Take a look at completed auctions on eBay and you'll quickly realize there are less-and-less being sold at these ridiculously inflated prices though. I sure wish all the "Jones" would hurry up and get their fix so the rest of us average folks can't pick up a GT500 for something closer to MSRP.

  5. I was in Simi Valley Ford this AM and they have their sole Shelby GT500 on the showroom floor with a ridiculous $25,000.00 Dealer Markup above sticker MSRP !!!

    that's $70,000.00 (plus fees)

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. I love watching all these auctions on ebay not make reserve. It's the begining of the end of the ridiculus markups. Give it a few months.
  7. Yes! I'm hoping this is the case too. What would be really cool though was if those dealers who went out and bought up all the inventory in an effort to make a quick buck get stuck with these cars and end up taking it in the ass as a loss....Justice served.

  8. went to pick up my car from service and the dealer had a gt500. Wants 65K for it. The internet sales guy said, he has a list of people that will pay 58-60K for the car, so he will sell those other GT500's in his warehouse when the time comes. But for right now, he isn't letting them go for less than 65K. This was yesterday.
  9. Wonder how much money he's losing each month while one of those cars sit there unsold?

  10. We put down a deposit on a GT500 for $10,000 over MSRP ... another dealer in the area wanted at least $25,000 over MSRP .... now, we'll just have to wait and see if the car actually materializes!
  11. anyone looking for anew GT500 for 10k over, pm me.
  12. My Dad just got his, he paid 5K over sticker!!! It is a long story, but he won it throught an online auction through a local Ford dealer. It took 6 months to get, but it was worth it....May 23rd was the big day!!!

    Here are some shots, some are at work, the others are at my house with my rides too...
  13. Got mine yesterday!

    Well I finally got mine! Dealer wanted 20K over but I have bought cars from him in the past so I guilted him in to only 10K over. My wife's mildly pissed ("I've never even paid sticker for a car"), but I jumped ahead of 4 guys on the list. :nice:

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  14. You can get GT500's for 5k over sticker pretty easily now. In fact I was offered one for 5K over just last week. Shouldn't be long before we see MSRP!

  15. If you are willing to wait, and just order a GT500 through a dealership can you expect to pay MSRP? Or will they still add a dealer markup to it?
  16. All of the dealers I've spoke with want 5K or more for the '08's too! Give it time, the prices will come down.

  17. Thats getting into ZO6 territory, I love the Stangs but damn..............
  18. I agree! I've been calling around, a lot of dealers have them listed for 10k over, but if you tell them you'll give them 5k over they'll say ok!
    8000 more GT 500's to be made, over 500 07's still sitting on lots, do the math!

  19. I was at a dealer in San Jose today with 4 GT500s. Every one had a $34,995 mark up. Over $80K for a Mustang. Was told that they paid $17K over MSRP to get one from another dealer. One they did get at invoice I could have for 10K over!!! Ki$$ my a$$. I know I can get an 08 Vette for $1K over invoice. Would do an 08 Shelby at $1K under MSRP otherwise I'm getting the Vette.