Who's running oil sperator (s)?

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  1. Oil blowby happens and seperators aren't part of oem equipment.
  2. Here's the oil mine trapped in one month:

  3. Yeah I need to get one of these.
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  4. I just installed one myself. I'm wondering if we need one on each side of the engine. The one I installed was for the passenger side but it looks like another pcv valve is on the drivers side with a hose going into the throttle body.

  5. Yeah Dave, that's where I was hoping this thread would lead to. From the little I've read, if you're getting one, get the passenger side. I've seen pics of cars running 'em on both sides. Why run one and not two? Must be the majority passes on the passenger side. So then the next question is how much passes on the drivers side?
  6. Yeah, I hear you on that. So are we only fixing half of the problem by installing it on the passenger side?
  7. What I've always been curious about is, what kind of issue is being caused? How bad is it to not have one of these???
  8. From what I understand is you don't want any engine oil vapor sucked in through the throttle body and into the combustion chamber. This can screw up your a/f ratio and cause a lean condition and gum up the throttle body. At high rpm's there is a lot of oil vapor being generated in the crankcase and it is vented through the PCV valve and into the intake system. The catch can separates the oil vapor and allows the air to flow into the intake. I guess the reason for the factory not to install this device is that they figure the PCV valve separates enough oil. I think the PCV valve gets over whelmed at really high engine speeds. Any other opinions?

  9. Well, there is always the option of not having the seperators and getting a spot on youtube for seafoaming your engine and pissing off the neighbors!:banana::jester:
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  10. It's not like you're destroying the engine if you don't have one. But you ARE getting oil deposits in your intake and the oil vapor is knocking down the octane a little. Plus there's the occasional embarrassing puff of smoke on startup.
  11. Please install a site glass into the top or side of your separator.

    Oh... and a one way vacuum check valve that will allow accumulated oil to return to the pan when the motor is shut off. (guess if you had that then you really wouldn't need the site glass)

  12. So is one enough or is 2 better than 1?
  13. i had just the passenger side one, collects enough oil to say its well worth it. when i went to add my throttle body spacer, there was oil on the back side of my throttle body so i ordered the driver side one as well. I recommend both of them. Americanmuscle.com has them for 119 a piece and thid month are running a promo code worth 10% pff if you spend 250. the code is warmup10
  14. You can install one on each side, though the driver side won't have as much blow-by as the passenger side.

    Let me know if I can get you guys one or two of these. We do have a forum discount. :)
  15. I love steeda and trust them totally. However, I have to recommend the JLT piece because its plug & go and takes seconds to install . The steeda separator requires you to cut your stock lines and splice the separator which is a pita. The jlt comes with the pvc lines already connected and spliced to the separator. You can then keep your stock lines for whatever or in the event you ever go back to stock. I originally ordered the steeda but returned it when i learned this fact about the 2 different products.
  16. This is why I plan to buy a JLT for my 12 as well. However, I want one for my 91, and since I have to fab it up anyhow, I'll likely go with the Steeda piece.
  17. I run the Steeda one on my GT500 with no issues.
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  18. I also installed the passenger side and can see the benefits already. I purchased the JLT one also because it was already set up with the hoses and is a very nice setup. I got the black and do plan on ordering one for the driver's side. They also make one for that side just like the passenger side.:banana: I am not trying to sell the JLT but really like the way they package them.
  19. I just got back from a 3000 mile road trip in my Boss. Checked the oil after I got back and it was down about 1/2 quart. The oil separator had a good 2 ounces in it.