Who's running oil sperator (s)?

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  1. On the 5.0s, the passenger side will collect the most oil.
  2. Passenger side collects more than I expected. Yet to see anything in the drivers side one on my '13 GT. If you're on a budget, just get passenger.
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  3. Agreed, I have not seen much in my driver's side, if on a budget get the passenger side.

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  4. Does anybody know where the cheapest place to get the JLT oil separtors is? I know AM sells them for $119 + the 10% off code that GrabberBlueDrift put, so $107. Thanks GBD, discounts are greatly appreciated.
  5. Just want to clarify that our billet oil separator kit with the 5.0 engraving does include the lines for installation. The non-engraved option does not include the line as it is intended to be a more universal application.
  6. I have installed the JLT separators on both sides and have not seen any oil in the driver side in 3 months. Quite a bit in the passenger side. These are a must.