Bullitt whos selling a DHG bullitt?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by exhausted, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. I live in Wisconsin and would be interested if anyone selling.
  2. I just picked one up for $16,500. :banana:
  3. Looking at one tomorrow for 14,500 with only 1400 miles
  4. Wow, those are good prices. I picked mine up last October, 3K miles, $21K. Tri-ax and densecharger were already on the car.
  5. Alright now Iam worried. The guy got sick overnight yesterday and is waiting until the weekend to show the car. I hope this is legit! Too good to be true maybe ???

    I want my bullitt!!
  6. Update? Did he show?

    You're gonna love the Bullitt! I just put 315's on the rear and now I'm actually having fun in the rain with it! Good luck!
  7. We have yet to get together but maybe next week. I hope it works out? Ill keep you posted.
  8. Hey exhausted, good luck with your Bullitt and congratulations! We have a Bullittclub over at www.imboc.com We have 1,747 Bullittowners registered so far out of 5,582 produced! Come on over and register and see what's going on with Bullitts and have some conversation. :D
  9. My sister sold her Bullitt two months ago for 22K. It only had 4k miles on it. She rarely drove it and the only mods she did was tint the back windows and bought different floor mats. Guess timing was right for her to sell it cuz they're not going that high. Wish I could had bought it....

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  10. I am just starting to watch the pricing on these cars. I have a really nice '93 LX right now that I WILL be keeping, but wanna buy a Bullit. Was gonna do it for Christmas, but ended up getting a more practicle vehicle instead ('04 Explorer XLT).

    That means the Bullit will just have to wait until spring. I actually want one of these more than an '03 Cobra now.

    Anyone here have a supercharged Bullit? That's what I plan on, gears, pipes, springs, and blower= daily driver (on nice days, anyway). How well do they respond to this kind of stuff?


    Did you get that car, or any other ones?
  11. I did not get the one above as there was some problems with it. I have written other people who have written me about their cars but both have not responded. I think they are unsure about selling their cars. I think I'll wait to see what the new 05 looks like. Maybe I'll wait and see if a new bullitt comes out in the new model style. I wont be holding my breath though.
  12. Sorry to hear about that Exhausted! Hope ya find what you're looking for. Get a ride/drive in one, that will sell ya in a quick hurry!

    Dreddstang- I might leave the springs/pipes alone, as they are different from stock (600lb/in fronts 250lb/in rears on the Bullitt vs. 450 and 210 on the GT, plus specific valved struts for the Bullitt suspension combo). I'm probably going to put some money into to some beefy subframe connectors (Bullitt does use the ones off the stock 'verts, but I want something stronger) and control arms. Mufflers were specific for the Bullitt to reduce backpressure by 20% and give it a better sound.

    With the Bullitt intake, they definately like to be blown! :D I'd like to go this route eventually, but some 3.73's will have to suffice for a while...


    PS-Check out www.bullittarchive.com for a great site for Bullitt info!
  13. I'm selling my Bullitt... It's supercharged and has an 03 Cobra Independent rear suspension... 36k miles, never raced, never hit.

    Interested? $17k and its yours. PM me, or call 203-668-4765