Whos selling their cars for the 05's

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  1. Just wondering what you guys are doing with the cars and if any of you guys are planing on selling old and buying new im still thinking about it i like the new but have so much money invested in my car over 8k but I really like the new
    Anthony :shrug:
  2. I'm waiting until December at least before buying anything new (and I may wait longer, depending on what the 2006 Cobra specs look like). I'll have my car paid off by then, so I'll probably keep it as a track car.

  3. Well I am gonna keep the 94 no matter what, but the girls car is paid for in spring of 05 (sign from god about the 05 or the 06 cobra), and we are planning on getting another mustang, either a 97-99 yellow cobra vert. or a 03-04 cobra or a brand spankin new 05-06. If we go the 97-99 rout we will more than likly pick up a gen 1 lightning (ever since she road in my buds she wants one) since the price will be quit a bit lower than a 03-06. But I still want a damn fox body or a 67 project so that will have to wait until after those are purchased.
  4. Theres always to many things to choose from and so many things to do i have my car and i have a 03 ranger for my daily driver but im thinking about getting rid of both to get this 05-06 but then i have to drive it in the winter i dont know yet im to confused
  5. Im gonna stick with my car. I dont really like the 05s that much, but it takes me like 2 years before i like something.
  6. well the biggest thing for me is that this car is going to have over 300 horse and with that stock power imagine what will happen in a year or two with after market look at the cobra with some slight mods you need a roll cage to race at route 66 in my town so this is one of the things that im looking at i mean when my car was stock it put out 215 and im sure all of you know that but thats over 85hp stock to stock
  7. It'll take more than a year or two for the aftermarket to do anything substantial. Heck, they haven't done anything substantial for the 4.6L yet as it is, power adders are the way to go. The Cobra has an advantage that the new GT will not have -- it's supercharged, and cars that are blown from the factory are always very easy to tweek for more power.

    For me the appeal of an '05 would be as a daily driver. Should be more comfortable, handle better (three link suspension, woohoo), and generally be a better car than my 95. So I'll probably buy one and leave it stock (except for maybe wheels & such). The power car will be the 95.

  8. I'm keeping mine for as long as I can imagine. If I had a different job, I'd buy an '05, but I need a gas friendly FWD as I drive OVER 700miles a week for work, I own a focus ZX3, and my wife drives a 4WD Escape... so no new mustang for me anytime soon. :(
  9. Yeah that sounds like a good idea but im a 19 year old who cant afford it i already have my truck (Making Payments)and my mustang (paid Off) But my insurance alone is 225 a month for both more than my truck payment (215) so if i was to buy a new mustang a would have to sell both of them it would be nice to be able to keep all of them but my old man doesnt pay for everything like these other kids i have to buy what i want its the way it should be
  10. I probably won't be buying one, although I'll save any decision at all until I see them in person. I think they are probably the best Mustang so far, but there are alot of nice cars out there for the price. This car is going to have to live up to its legend yet learn to handle and ride nice to continue to sell.
  11. Keeping my 94 GT


    I'm keeping my 94GT. I don't like the 05 body style especially the grill. I'll just save my money and keep replacing old parts with new / better ones and have no car paymts. Just my 2 cents. Dewman :D
  12. I have to buy everything myself too. I've been saving for another mustang ever since I sold mine this last August :nonono: . Me getting a new car is WAY out of question. Being 17, the insurance companies REALLY screw you until you're 25. ESPECIALLY with a 5.0L mustang.

  13. Like dave said, its gonna take a while for aftermarket to come around. Since they are using 3 valve per cyl heads its totally different then the 4.6's now.. The aftermarket will have to start all over with those cars. 300 really isnt THAT MUCH, we can all make the much power pretty easily and for much less cost then that mustang is gonna cost. They also said it will be a bit heavier then the standard GT now which sucks. Also comparing the the new cobra to the 05 GT really isnt right since ones is blown and one isnt.

    My only other concern is the VVT ( variable valve timing). Ive read that when you change basically any part (headers, intake etc) the computer will no longer be optimized and will need to be tuned. That will make it very hard for the typical person who likes to add a couple parts at a time.
  14. I've got a bone stock 94 stang that's paid for, meaning I've still got roughly the same stock power. AND my RSX's lease is up in March 2005. (what to do, what to do)

    I mentioned to my wife that I might be interested in the '05 GT, but she suggested I wait for the '06 Cobra since she wants me to finally have a new stang (might as well get the Cobra so I won't regret settling for a GT). I could lease the GT, but probably not the Cobra as that would cost a fortune, plus it's worth buying. If the Cobra is in order, I'll go get the new truck we need the day I return the RSX.

    Now, what about my 94 GT. Well, it is stock, 10 years old, getting older, and the costs involved to reach 300 or 400hp would be quite expensive as I would have to pay for labor and none of the upgrades would be under warranty. Of course, the 94 GT is paid for. Tough decision, kind of, as I kind of hate getting rid of a car I've had since 1996. I'm sure someone would like to buy my car as it does represent a good template to start modding for any level of performance.

    Not sure, but once I go to the auto show and see the new GT, I'm sure I'll be like a kid in the candy store who just can't say no.
  15. the 05 can have 500HP... I still like my car Better
  16. man i wish i could be thinking about that. the only purchase that i have to thing about is getting a bike for next year when i live off campus. so that my gas guzzler can sit in a garage for a while and let hopefully a harley sportster do all my riding for the most part. i love living in southeast texas, it never gets that cold, well maybe a few weeks out of the year. :D
  17. I think the 05's are ok left alone stock.... they dont look likt a car that u can get an aftermarket groundkit for..... Like all the SN95's look good with aftermarket bodykits like Saleen for example... so is Saleen gonna make an old school kit for the 05?

    I seen on ls1.com a post of the 07 Mustang it was a model T.... like Hell personally when i see the new LS2 Vette vs the style of the new Stang's....... I'm sure many will agree that the Vette = teh win
  18. only other car I would buy is a milenium yellow C5 vette :)
  19. Well with anything there are different ideas for everybody to the people who like the 05 would you do what im thinking about or just keep the 95 and wait once again another how ever many years i still dont know what im going to do but still have time to choose ill probley wait till i get to drive one and then see what happens if i fall in love with it 95 mustang up for sale anybody want to buy lol, well more input if anybodys got it