Whos selling their cars for the 05's

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  1. Just wondering what you guys are doing with the cars and if any of you guys are planing on selling old and buying new im still thinking about it i like the new but have so much money invested in my car over 8k but I really like the new
    Anthony :shrug:
  2. sorry about double posting
  3. Never buy the first year of something. Wait until all the quirks are worked out.

    Edit: Sorry for being half awake and over worked but still able to find enough energy to post. :p
  4. Corks? This ain't a bottle of wine we're talking about :rlaugh:.

    I think you meant "quirks."


  5. hahaahahah :rlaugh:
  6. I would have to agree with that statement. I was selling Fords when the new 6.0L diesel came out and it was not good at first, now they rock the 7.3L's world.

    Also, I have too much time and love for my 95 to ever sell it. But maybe if I win the lottery soon I'll get an '05.
  7. I figure there won't be many quirks.. the only difference between then and now is the upper end. The bottom end of the engine is the same from what they say.. Who knows about the trans though. Might be garbage.. ??? :D

    However I don't know if I'll get rid of mine (even though it's a sorry looking lot.) My dad made the mistake of selling all of his cool cars.. HAHAHA.

    But I've been putting away for a down payment.. no matter what I decide to do.. HAHAHAHAHA

  8. I wouldent trade in my 95 for an 05. I hate how its styled. I said that too back in 99 but this time I really mean it, if you cover up the whole car and just look at the front end it looks like a truck. The running horse eblem on the front looks like a cheasy flat peice of plastic thats stuck on the front. Not much about the new 05 Impresses me much, I'll keep my 5.0
  9. Now that's funny because you own the first year of something.
  10. i'm not going to sell mine but i'll still try to get an 05.
  11. I wondered if anyone would bring that up. A lot of people in this forum own the first year...

    What would it take to impress you? Coil-over front suspension, three-link rear suspension, excellent weight distribution, 6" longer wheelbase, 2" wider track, 300 horsepower, etc, etc, etc. I like my 5.0, and I might keep it for quite a while, but I have no illusions about whether or not the 2005 is an improvement. Night & day.

  12. Great point! True I did get it back in 97 and since then I've had to replace the AODE a couple of time until I finally got the Art Carr. But let's look at the 99 Cobra, 96GT, etc.

    But everyone knows us 94/5 people were blessed with such great and all powerful vehichles. :p
  13. I'm keeping my 94, my dad is getting the 2005 though, hopefully he'll let me drive from time to time

  14. The 05 Does have alot of Nice features that you mentioned and yeah there a huge imporvment but when I say it dosent impress me much Im refring to what I said in my post about its styeling. I thought the same of the 99 when it came out but it grew on me and I liked it after awhile but I really dislike the new 05 style. I dont like the fog lights up by the head lights , I dont like the cheapo looking Mustang embelm on the front, and I think the whole front end of the car looks like a truck. I like how my car is styled even stock but w/ the Hood, wing and new bumper thats going on this spring its going to look better then any 05 out there IMO.
  15. I'll wait until there are some worthwhile after market parts available. By then it might have some styling changes and all the bugs worked out.
  16. I like the look and suspension changes, but no, I won't trade for one.

    Here's something to think about: The modular engine is finally evolving into a powerplant worthy of being in a Mustang. Face it, the '96-'98 GT's were saddled with the SOHC Crown Vic motor and really wasn't ready to push a pony car effectively. Ford should've stuck with the 5.0L until the 4.6L was truly ready for the Mustang, perhaps that would've been 1999? when the body was restyled. The power output of the '99+ is better, but as HP hungry as Mustang buyer are they still wanted more. Now with the '05, you may be seeing the beginning of the end, as far a modifiying goes. With yet another 'new' head design, variable valve timing, etc, as stated before, this will require everyone to start over. I see a vision of the ill-fated LS1 Camaro, fast out of the box, but a real hassle to modify and very expensive aftermarket.

    Becareful, what you ask for you may just get it.
  17. As long as it accepts a blower (even if it requires a chip), then people will be happy. The 4.6L owners have already become accustomed to needing power adders for speed, very few go down the route of N/A power because it's just too much of a PITA on a 4.6L. The 2005 will reinforce that.

    I think the 2005 GT will be a great daily driver. Just keep your 5.0 for modifying and track days.