1. Here I sit having a morning refreshment.
    I'll hopefully get to the yard this week to start the old supercoupe swap stage of life for my blue car. I'm also going to spend time with Roby bagging various screws that i set in the interior in specific piles, plus I just want to spend some time cuddling with that blue beauty. It's been awhile since I've been up there.

    Today I spend recovering from doing the work on the impala yesterday. It took me nine hours straight without breaks to do the bodywork on the left quarter. I'm beat! Who knew bodywork could wear you out so much?:chin:zombie:The quarter is freaking straight now though.

    What kind of trouble are the rest of you up to now?
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  2. I've been up a few hours. Having a 10 day old and 3 year old will do that to you.

    Just drove the fox to pick up breakfast for the family.
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  3. I remember those days, not the driving my blue car memories, just the kids.

    Doing anything with your car beyond driving today?
  4. Taking the day off.Spent most of yesterday playing under the Cobra.:burnout:
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  5. Sit'n on the patio sip'n coffee
    Gotta make a run to the auto auction then breakfast 15026303117681615724009.jpg
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  6. What are you buying to add to the collection JR?

    Coffee? In the morning?:shrug:
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  8. I've been reading the Dark Tower series again by Stephen King. I'm midway through the Wastelands right now.

    Everyone else is still in bed, these are the gravy years at the moment.
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  9. It is just past 6:30 local time. Up, showered, shaved and first cup of coffee is gone. Nice to sleep in for a change, usually up by 5am. Going to watch some football later in the day. Finish up prepping the racecar for next weekend and might, just might do yardwork. It rained last night for tbe first time in a month. Cooled things off nicely.
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  10. Dropping the last of 8 cars for a client, auctions on Wednesday, when the 'girl at the other end of the couch' has sundays off I try to save one and take her to breakfast after,
    Yes, coffee in the morning, coffee in the evening, coffee at suppertime :shrug:
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  11. Yup, Got up at about 6:30 local here, too. 2 cups o' joe down. I've finally pared my to do list down to a single page. Gonna knock a few more off the list and get back to the gym for the first time in months. Then, I need to get a study session in to prep for the classes in the upcoming week, particularly math. It's the first time I've taken calculus in almost 20 years.
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  12. Mustang therapy 002.JPG
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  13. Jeez Chris, I remember taking some calculus classes back in the eighties while I was in Stuttgart. Can't say I remember what I learned though....LOL
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  14. It's been raining here for the past couple weeks. We usually have a dry August. Shoot, we even had a tornado go through town a week ago. Everyone was ok, just broken bones and cut up a bit.

    Post another picture if that beautiful car of yours for me. Give me something to look at while I relax.
  15. Speaking of Stuttgart. A few years ago I won 3rd place in P.C.A. Zone 1 (the entire north east) Porsche Concourse De-elegance . Hundreds of Porsche's were being judged.Each car had 5 white gloved inspectors who spent 20 minutes per car. Most of the cars were trailer-ed.I drove mine,about a 2 hr. drive.Arrived and the car was filthy (after spending 3 weeks detailing). So I back it up to a creek .Gave it a quick bath.And took 3rd :)
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  16. Assuming we're both talking about germany, when were you there?
  17. Would like to be driving the car but sooner or later ya gotta do the yard work, stupid bushes...... 20170813_111031.jpg
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  18. I'm up. Just got back from a nice 1hr Sun AM coffee run .


    Laying low today. Going to look at an explorer to buy for the Wife. Just got back from a week vacation in NH. Couple drone shots I took over the lake we stayed at.

  19. We went to a friends house last night. Got home around 11pm. My 4 year old slept in till 8 for the first time ever, unless she's sick. I've been up since 0530, why? Because I can't ever sleep in anymore!! So I watch recorded car type shows.
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  20. I'm sure that breakfast beer had coffee like flavors, right??
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