Who's using and air/oil separator and / or Supra PCV valve

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  1. I'm re-doing the PCV system on my car. I've heard that you can use a Supra PCV valve, which will help keep boost pressure out of the crankcase. But I don't know the part number or the year Supra it would have to come from. I also want to run an air/oil separator to keep oil out of my intake. Does anyone have a similar set-up? Pics of how you mounted your separator would be very helpful
  2. I only run that stuff on the 94. A TC PCV valve is a nice OEM specific alternative. I dont recall the year of Supra valves I have heard guys use. :bang:

    You can also run a brake check valve from the help section of the local parts store.

    I kinda have a feeling you might want to use a heavier duty separator than the ones most of us N/A guys use. I have a rinky dink one and have removed the element altogether because it would clog after a teaspoon or so of oil had accumulated in the basin. So I now have a glorified little catchcan, and were I doing to use a catchcan alone, I would use something more robust.

    I would head over to Turbomustangs. This stuff gets brought up often over there. A search should yield a ton of ideas (Jaz cans and bigger stuff like that, or parts from places like McMaster that people use).

    Good luck Mike.
  3. You want a pcv valve from a turbocharged 95 supra, don't get an n/a one. I'm running one of those on my car as well as a cheap oil seperator that is used for air compressors. They get the job done nicely.
  4. Scott, any clogging issues with the separator element? My accumulation stopped after a bit and I removed the element and couldnt hardly blow through it. A few guys have had this issue. Just curious.
  5. Hey, I'm not trying to threadjack but I'm wondering about this also....I just changed injectors and noticed that when I removed the intake there was oil inside of it. Is this normal? I need to check my pvc valve but it seems like there is a better choice than a stock valve.
  6. Thanks for the info guys. Does the Supra valve fit right in the stock grommet, or will I need to modify it somehow? I'm gonna go shopping for separators tomorrow. Where's the best place to mount it?

  7. Yeah, some oil in the intake is normal, as the PCV system will suck it up from the cranckcase. This is why I eliminated my PCV system originally, but now I'm thinking it would be better to have it in place.
  8. Thanks for the link, that's the same spot I was thinking about mounting mine in
  9. So I can just buy the small separator from Home Depot? It says it's 1/4", but my PCV hose is 3/8". I take it I'll have to buy fittings for it...
  10. carb cleaner works great on clearing up an old filter element
  11. Deadlast, If the carb cleaner comment was for me, I thought about it (Justin has been doing that himself with soap and water) but I would have to clean it once a week or so. I'm too lazy.

    Mike, I used 1/4" NPT fittings with 3/8" barbs for the hose (I used fittings that turned 90* for a cleaner install since my separator is high on the firewall). I used hydraulic hose since I figured it wouldnt kink but fuel/Evap hose should work fine and is more mallable.

  12. I ditched the element before I installed the separator on my car. I didn't see any need for it being there. I too have heard of clogging issues. When I drove my car daily, I had to empty the separator about every 3 weeks, so it seems like its doing its job.
  13. Got the separator from Home Depot. Cost a whopping $11. Here's a pic of it mounted with my home made bracket. All I need now is a motor to connect it to...


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  14. My friend ran a setup using those pieces on his turbo-neon (excuse me, "SRT-4" :rlaugh: ).

    Even with tons of boost, the filter did its job and he did not experience any boost leaks (well, not because of the oil sep).
  15. Did you get those fittings at Home Depot too?

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  16. I wrote this for my '04, but it applies to anything (for parts at least.)


    I did this on my '04, my ZJ, a Bronco, and my old '88 after I sold it.. had great results on all of them.
  17. Blackcloud50, I got the plastic 90 degree fittings from a local Ace Hardware. They seem to have a better selection of small fittings than Home Depot
  18. Yeah..I couldn't find the 90* at Home Depot