Who's using and air/oil separator and / or Supra PCV valve

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  2. Read this very informative article by Michael Yount.
  3. a little confused.. on a 95, in which line does the oil seperator go in?
  4. Does the overall lenght of line either too or from the intake to the sparator, and or the line from separtor to the PCV cause issues as the lenght increases? Reason for the question is..if blockage can create issues like RMS failure, could long hose length affect the vaccume and like a blockage cause simular issues?
  5. Derek, I consider the element in the separator to be the biggest restriction (Kevin, I and some other folks removed ours). Mine would clog up after about two weeks - very little oil accumulation but the filter media wouldnt flow decently.

    Deadlast, remove the PCV line on the car now (goes from the PCV valve to a union on the driver side behind the intake). Run a line from the PCV valve to the separator and from the separator to the union. Done.
  6. WOW

    i just visited home depot, 2 different autozones, and VIP and none of them knew what an oil seperator was! i guess i have to order one offline. :notnice:
  7. Deadlast, asking for help is a sure way to not find what ya need. :rlaugh: For air tools, it's called an Air/oil or air/water separator. It's in the air tool aisle. Lowes and HD surely have them. Wally mart (here locally atleast) has them with the air tool components in the auto section.

    They cost like 10-15 bucks - just trying to save you some shipping.

    Good luck.
  8. yea after 10 minutes on the phone with autozone i tracked one down, with a little help from the part # someone gave out :SNSign:
  9. I'm coming in late, but I thought I would add my .02 anyway.

    I did not seem to have any problem with the filter element clogging, but have not experienced any negative affects with it removed.

    After installing the oil separator I still had a fair amoung of oil passing through the pcv/separator system to the intake. The problem was the separator would fill up and then overflow into the intake. If I didn't dump the separator at every fillup, it would overflow.

    I have fixed the problem on my car by adding a second pcv valve on the drivers side valve cover. My theory as to why this worked is as follows.
    The velocity of air flowing out of the single pcv was so high that the air was able to pull large amounts of oil out of the crankcase. With the use of a second pcv the velocity of ariflow through each of the pcv valves is basically cut in half. Air traveling at lower velocities can't pick up as much stuff. A gently breeze never picked up a mobile home, but tornados sure have.

    I have been driving the car for several hundred miles now and the accumulation of oil in the separator is nearly zero.

    Here is a post I started which goes into more detail.

    Toward the end of that thread another member fixed his problems by relocating the pcv valve to the drivers side valve cover.

  10. Hello VRISTANG,

    Did you install the extra PCV valve toward the front of the driver side valve cover, or toward the back of the driver side valve cover?

    Also, did you add an oil separator to the new PCV valve?
  11. I have been talking about posting pics for several weeks now, so I guess I should follow through.

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  12. With stock style valve covers on a 93 where could I mount a second pcv? Any ideas?
  13. which direction do a place the separator? i have the flow arrow going away from the PCV
  14. air flow is from valve to intake.
  15. As I see it the main issue with mounting a second pcv on a Mustang with a stock style (long runner) intake is getting the pcv to clear the over hanging upper intake plenum. If I tried to use a stock style intake, the plenum would be riding hard on the breather/pcv cap I installed.

    I have been trying to come up with an easy way to run a second pcv with a stock upper intake, but have not had any decent ideas.

    There are many smart dudes here though.
    Maybe someone else can find a solution?

  16. The Supra PCV has a smaller opening both ends as opposed to say the EV-127 pcv valve (Turbo Coupe). Wonder would using one of these slow the velocity of airflow through the pcv enough.
  17. A larger opening will decrease the airflow velocity through the pcv.

    How much larger the opening would need to be to make a difference, I can't say.
  18. For guys running blowers, anyone using a check valve between the oil seperator and upper intake so not to boost the seperator and blow oil all around in it?