Who's Y'all's Go To Parts Store?

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  1. When it comes to "over the counter" parts who do y'all like? I'm an orilley man I guess. But with any of em ya better know what you're getting because none of em seem know much about much these days.
  2. My girlfriend works at AutoZone, so I get a few things there with her discount. But if summit racing carries what I need I buy from them. But I'm also only about an hour from the summit in talmadge, Ohio and even if I order online its free shipping and I usually get my orders in next day. Lightning fast shipping, summit FTW!
  3. I used to do summit but lately its been latemodel or American muscle for aftermarket stuff that the regular ole parts stores don't carry. Here in a minute though in fixing to order an obdI scanner from summit.
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  4. I'm an Oreilly's man myself. Honestly, it depends on the part. I check Summit, American Muscle, LMR, FoxResto, and Mustangs Unlimited. Mainly Oreilly's and Summit, I do live pretty close to both though. :flag:
  5. Fpr over the counter/stock parts...Napa, Late Model Restoration, National Parts Depot. I avoid Advance Auto Parts like the plague.
  6. depends what it is...

    the local pepboys lets me look up the parts i need so i make sure i actually get the RIGHT part. and they just opened the pep speed shop so they keep a lot of stuff in stock like drag radials nitrous stuff head AN fittings ARP hardware...

    anything else i go to local speed shops or order it on line
  7. I order online as well, but if it's otc I use NAPA. They have great quality parts, their synthetic oil is made by Valvoline & their oil fliters are made by Wix. I avoid Auto Zombies! tn_Razor rims 006.JPG
  8. generic over the counter parts i use napa or autozone. my local autozone did me good on battery i screwed up so i go there for a lot of little things..

    i also use summit and jegs for generic things.

    for my mustang specific parts so far its be late model restorations and cj's pony parts.
  9. Stock OEM replacement parts- Rock Auto or Autozone as they price match, NAPA
    Aftermarket- LMRS, Summit, AM
    Can't stand Jegs
  10. Carquest for otc

    Lmr or cj's for online
  11. Car quest has good quality stuff as well, just don't have one near me.
  12. LMR,Summit,American Muscle, and otc is usually NAPA
  13. I ship for specific brands, so if one particular store has a brand i want..i go there.

    If i can afford to wait a few days, i buy mosting from Rockauto.com
  14. For OTC stuff mostly NAPA.
  15. Performance parts - Summit Racing Equip. For replacement parts, mostly RockAuto.
  16. Work part time at Advance, so there first. If we don't have something and I need it in a pinch, NAPA because my wife can pick it up on the way home from work (she works right across from one). I always prefer for my stuff and side jobs to use RockAuto but the customers sometimes need NOW.
  17. It depends on what I need.