whose cobra is this?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Saleen4971, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. i have this pic saved on my computer, and i think i got it form a thread over here, whose is it?

  2. Go over to svtperformance.com and you will get a quicker response. In the Terminator forum!!
  3. That is RaceRat's car.
  4. YUP! That be the RaceRat machine!

  5. can you say...Zaino?
  6. There's a lot more Meguires on that car than Zaino. ;)
  7. Now I know what a Blue Missle looks like. :hail2:

  8. racerat is your car lowered and if so how much... it looks great!!!
  9. That car scares me, especially with that crazy woman driving it....... :eek:
  10. cool

    Awesome Picture!

    Awesome Car!
  11. No lowering, the car is stock height. It may look lowered int hat pic cuz I'm in the middle of a field.

  12. Rumor has it that RaceRat has purchased and installed a set of new Cobra specific rims on his sonic blue baby...

    Secret Spy Photo...

  13. Quick, edit your post before you bring the wrath of the racerat upon us all!
  14. Aghh, say it aint so!!
  15. LOL!
    It's a joke...I photochopped them on for a joke in a thread on SVTP. Those have to be the most ridculously ugly wheels I've ever seen! Uncle Meat...you're in trouble for spreading rumors like that! ;)
  16. lolz

    Well in that case Race Rat Im gonna have to say you have one of the more beautiful looking 03's. :hail2: I like the sonic blue sitting in the flower field.
  17. Thank you. :cheers:

    There are some more pics and a couple of vids here. The site is incomplete...sorry.
    Cobra stuff
  18. heh heh heh..... Couldn't resist!

  19. Tight pic of a stock '03 cobra vert...
  20. LOL! Hey RaceRat.... he thinks your Snake is stock!