Why a dissapointment - I say the new Mustang is a winner!

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  1. Last post on Fogs: If you note, the parabola VOLUME is most likely larger, and irregularly shaped, as well, the bulbs ARE a bit different, and the price variances are in the $.03-$.15 range. Sounds like peanuts to us and our one car, but when you multiply that out over a say, 250K production run, all of a sudden your talking about a few hundred throusand dollars, that usually gets prioritized elsewhere, like VVT. And of the $5-$7K price difference, there is probably only $500 that Ford actually gets, when you amortize the total platform costs across all model lines. I am sure that the V6 guy is paying for some GT equipment.

    Cheers, Happy Holidays. Can't wait for the autoshow! :banana:

  2. PS. One more item. There is a reason that the Cougar does not exist anymore :), and why Ford stock price was at $7.. I think the Mustang is
    a wise investment, and smart strategically. Peace
  3. Yes.
  4. they say under 20K? is that for a GT?? if so how can they sell it for under 20K? if not anyone know how much the GT's will cost?
  5. I'm jizzin over the new Mustang personally.
  6. People, remember these are MSRP prices. A $19,000.00 V6 will probably be around $15,500.00 with incentives and markdowns. A GT will start at $26,000.00 with incentives and markdowns coming to around $21,500.00. Remember, the '03 Cobra started at $34,000.00 for the Coupe and after 9 months the car was at $30,000.00 and when the '04s were coming in they dropped to $29,000.00. Be patient and your prices will start to look good. :D
  7. Also, for those I've seen online who are ranting and whining that Ford "ditched" the concept's hood, and taillamps, and scoops, etc.etc.etc.... Has it occurred to anybody that the concept is in actuallity a very very blatant glimpse at what a (if they make it) future "Shelby" or "Cobra" version of the new Mustang WOULD BE?? The concept SCREAMS Shelby, so why would they waste all those styling cues on the GT rather than saving them for a premium model?? The twin-scoop hood has absolutely no heritage with the GT, the taillamps have absolutely no heritage with the GT, and same for the side scoops, and the larger grille opening that extends under the bumper on the concept. I like the new GT, it looks like a GT, it's exactly what a GT should be. Clean, uncluttered, purposeful and classy. A true GT. If you like the concept better, then start saving your nickels because you'll have to pony up for something above a GT to get 'em, at least that's my prediction. I predict that we've all been staring and lusting at the future Shelby Mustang ever since the concept was made public, without realizing it, thinking that what we were looking at it would be the new GT. The '68 Shelby gaping-mouth front end, the front-mounted twin-snout hood, the wide sequential taillamps, the side scoops and the reverse scoop on the C-pillar, NO BACK SEAT, instead a full-sized spare strapped behind the driver, the bigger wheels, the lower stance, doesn't it all make perfect sense? Many of the styling features on the concept "GT" are actually something else that's in the oven, at least probably darned close. Why else do you think they would have dumped so much design and development effort into the concept for all that Shelby-esque content? And, what about the convertible concept?? It's got a roll bar......SHELBY CONVERTIBLE. It seems so obvious to me, am I dreaming here?
  8. If they share the same platform as the gt then get the IRS take it out. Sell for the cheaper straight axle and be money ahead.
  9. You're right and I was thinking the same thing. Look at the Mach III, the nostrils on the hood came in 1996 on the SVT cobra, the SC mod engine finally made it in 2003, even the wheels hinted(vaguely) at the ones used in 1997 on the GT. I love the new '05 and hope to get one in a year or two.
  10. You know what, im tired of pretty much everybody bashing this car already, people, you need to give it a chance, i dunno if you've noticed lately, but the major car companies are changing! They sure aint going to make the same car over and over, everything has a time, and perhaps its time for a new mustang? How many of you "haters" bought the redesigned thunderbird? all im saying is give it a chance.