Why are so guys running TFS Track Heats and Performer RPM intakes????

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  1. Let me know what he says. I'd use a track heat or an rpm on that car with a 75mm TB. Those are killer heads, dont use a street/performer on them. Make sure you let him know your running a stock short. He'll have to keep that in mind when designing the valve events. If done right, you'll be one of the fastest n/a/ stock short sn95's guys in this section. TMC is one of the others along with killercanary. You'll also be trying something different instead of following along everyone else with their 300hp cars. You WILL be ahead of that! Just too bad you have stock pistons or you could do a wildier set like like that 86cobra dude i mentioned. Good luck and glad to see your open minded with the combo rather than believing internet racers and their "too big for 302" theory's.

  2. I agree and that is why I did not put Jake in with you & Greg as his lower has been ported and I think his cam is a bit more aggressive than most of the other FTI combos.

  3. Dont wanna get off topic, but is there a big difference between the TF Street & Eddy Performer? If not I'll go with the TFS cuz its cheaper and looks nicer, but if the Eddy makes more power I'll go with that. This is assuming stock cam & heads, 75mm MAF, 65mm TB & LT's.

  4. On stock heads...i would guess Eddy but by how much? I dont know :shrug:
    One thing i read today was that the Eddy has smaller runners that flow well but produce a higher velocity giving better power.......

    Im sure the more experienced will chime in.
  5. Exactly...
  6. Who are you referring to :shrug: ...there IS a such thing as too big especially when talking about street driven 5.0's like in this thread...on absolute stock bottom ends...if you want to change pistons to allow different valve timing events, lift, duration numbers then do it...and you can make much more power like 86Cobra does in his vert...

    I know I'm following and followed Ed's advice :nice:

    To the original poster...talk to Ed about your thoughts and do what he thinks...he knows more than anybody on this site except this one guy under the screenname..."Ed Curtis" over at the Corral :D
  7. He was referring to the guys who say you cant run AFR 185's and such on 302's. Obviously you can get too big with our stock shortblocks, but with the things we are talking about, all it takes is the right combination and matching the components. Just like final5-0, with the RPM intake making just as much as the regular Performer with even more potential as he changes some parts like the TB and MAF.

    I think the planning rather than equipment is what is important.
  8. I guess in my mind I was thinking of 86Cobra...

    Well for a daily driver I would take 165's over 185's...the 185's practically make it mandatory to either flycut the pistons or replace them and then you could make some dang good power...after replacing the pistons...

    Ed will plan it for you if you tell him what you have and what you want...just listen to him...
  9. I have TFS twisted wedges with that Fox Lake Stage 1 port job on them so i can still use the stock pistons. But we shall see....im still planning and learning. Whatever i do i will want to know why im doing that if i dont understand before the cash comes out.

    Thanks for the good advice in this thread guys :flag:
  10. ive got an idea...

    Stick the largest intake you can find, then turbocharge it, and you wont complain about intakes agian! Boost makes up for everything!

    but seriously... when my car had the bone stock motor, an Edel RPM, and an S-trim spinning 13psi ( also had full exhuast with 1-3/4" bigass longtubes). I had instant power from 2500, past 6k ( eventhough i didnt need it), and no "loss of low end torque" this was through a slushbox AODE convertible also.

    For an engine with a ported head, even if its only mild.. i would seriously concider the RPM.. and a decent cam to take full advantage of the heads/intake.

  11. Wasn't referring to you, just a generalized statement. I know there is a such thing as too big, but not what we're talking about in this thread.

    nmcgrawj, let me know what Jay says. Im very glad your willing to look into something way different. Like I said, when done im willing to bet you have one of the more powerful stock shortblock n/a 94/95 cars in this section not the typical 290-300 like most have. I'm starting to wonder what I have now since I was door to door with my friends 323hp car :shrug:
  12. The Performer flows about 220cfm and the Street Heat flows about 240-250cfm. I think the Performer is SLIGHTLY small for a head that actually flows 250cfm, but it will give good torque - but so will a properly ported lower for a Performer.

  13. Sounds good to me! :hail2:

    Oink, Did you get my pm about those side skirts for the exhaust? I would like to buy em.
  14. How are the Holley street avenger intakes? I know they are good with blowers but what about n/a?
  15. I kept my FMS 65mm throttle body on, I wanted to just change one parameter and see what the effects where. I get 3 pulls on the dyno so if the first two are good A/F ratio, then I might swap my 75mm throttle body on and see what the numbers are.
  16. I've just installed a Perf II with an Ecam and GT40Y heads. Still working out the tune and as of now have some valvetrain noise (gonna go and retorque and shim if necessary, didn't have shims at the install). I have noticed some missing power down low. Up top it pulls hard and highway speeds around 80 pulls strong through 120 (hven't exceeded that due to a driveline vibration). My set up is in prep for a Turbo but I wanted to be able to run NA for a while and still get a good HP increase.

    As I stated I am still trying to nail down the tune so the low end loss may be a result of the tune being out. Although I did do H/C/I, RR, headers O/R H all at the same time while switching to a cobra tune so there are a lot more factors than just the RPM II
  17. I had a black eddy and I just used flat black engine enamel ofer the stock powdercoat. It looked good (my opinion of course). I also took a block of wood and some sand paper and sanded down the edelbrock letters to bare aluminum. Aside from waiting for the paint to dry it takes about a half hour to an hour to do.
  18. All in the combo...

    I had 324.5 RWHP on a stock block with H/C/I. I had edelbrock performer stage II (flows 275), AFM b2 cam, TFS stage II ported (~flowed 280-290 at .600). I made 324.5 RWHP after a dyno tune at AFM. All i got to say is this car scooted. My track times were not good since I only went once and got no traction I netted a 13.1 @ 112mph. I have recently changed my bottom end to a 331 stroker and replaced a lot of parts above. I bought a Hi-Rev AFM cam and still got my old 3.73 gear which I need a 4.55 according to AFM. NOW the car is a beast and it wakes up at 4k and pulls strong as all hell till 7k. I still need it tuned at AFM but the new RPMII (bottom ported @home) supplies air great for my rowdy Hi-Rev cam. GOOD COMBO! This car is moving make SS camaros look like they are standing still once I hit my RPM band. I raced a neon that had 500+ FWHP pushing 25lbs of boost dude was shocked that I pulled on him. Needless to say it was a bit of a traction problem on his part and mine as well (I have 315 BFG's drag radials that spin rather easily). However his turbo was sucking in squirles on the side of the road, I was rather impressed. Now I can't imagine what my motor would be doing with 12lbs of boost. Matching CAM an Intake are huge get it wrong and your car will blow for the parts you got.
    Here is my old dyno...BTW, I have all the accessories so I know there is more power in that beast.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  19. wow... :hail2:
  20. So has Jay gotten back to you yet?

    Piston, a custom cam will make your combo much better! Those heads look like they flow good, 275 @ .600? MY friend made those same number and better tq with unported edelbrocks, unported tfs street intake but with some slight bowl work and milled on a 306.