Why are so guys running TFS Track Heats and Performer RPM intakes????

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  1. Yea he did right away last night. We talked a lot and come to find out he is out of Saline, Mi which is like minutes away from me in Ann Arbor, Mi. So thats a plus having the person in town....NO SHIPPING COSTS! :banana:

    But im about to fill out the cam spec form now so he can get an idea of what im working with. He swears by the Holley intake...i knew it was excellent in blown applications but i guess it still rocks in n/a build ups to :shrug:

  2. The Holley or the RPM II was the two I was considering. I went with the Edelbrock cause I already had an elbow for it. According to some dyno's I saw the RPMII was rated higher so I figured I couldn't go wrong. Everyone said one or the other. The problem with the RPMII I needed a new hood. I don't think the Holley will require that since my buddy ran his without a new hood. Although it did dent his hood. OOOPS.
  3. Yeah but I had stock pistons underneath and probably not as much clearance as your buddies 306. Still making 325RWHP on a stock 302 is good in my book. Not many people see numbers like that.
  4. I told you he was a fan of big parts. I think that holley intake "flows too much air" LOL j/k! When I was considering those intakes for a 347 I had planned, he actually liked the rpm 2 over the holley but preferred the victor for it.

    Do the best you can filing out that sheet and be honest with your goals and power/ et you want. He is NOT a dyno queen. I think your making an excellent choice! That holley with a 75mm TB and those heads + jays cam is gonna F'n rip dude!! How high are you looking to rev? Rev it to 6500 and I can only imagine what you'll make!!
  5. Can it go to 6500 safely on the stock shortblock? I will go wherever i can safely go.

    I have a cobra rr svo hood so im not too worried about space under there....
  6. What do you think i should put for my weight? 95 5-speed, leather seats, power driver seats, aluminum driveshaft, fiberglass hood, will have aluminum heads, 18x9wheels.??????
  7. Your probably around 3400-3500 with driver unless your a fat fugg :D Go weigh it man! But you should be in that ballpark. I think you can see 6500 safely, its not like you'll be revving it that high all day. Whats the rev limiter in your computer? Wanna be 'safe', stick with 6200 then.
  8. 6250...still the stock one but i have never touched it so i really dont know. Thats until i get a tweecer. If i can rev to 6500 without killing it, then i will.
  9. I have heard sn95's or some sn95's have like a 7k limiter :eek: Talk with him and see what he says. Your definatly going in the right direction and have all good parts.
  10. Ooops been reving mine to 7k. ;-) We shall see what happens.
  11. Is that on the stock shortblock? How long if so have you been doing it?
  12. 3325 race weight = with me in it.

    I think my car has more in it with a good tune. Right now I'm only running 29* of total timing on the top end and Ed wants 34*-36*. 29* of total timing is comparable to 12* of timing at the dizzy, definitley not enough for an aluminum headed car. I plan on doing alot more tuning next summer with the tweecer and a wide band. Then I'll hit up the same dyno to see if it helped.

    What do I think I need to get my times into the low 12s? Driving, experiance, better 60, and tuning. I have all stock suspension right now, so that may help if I start looking at that. The problem is now I'm in college and have little to no money to put into this car. I have a lot of things I'd like to do, but I just don't see it happening anytime soon.

    One thing.....take your time and make sure you have exactly what you want when picking out a combo. Even now I look back and think, "Hmm...I wonder if I could have gotten a better cam for the combo." The cam I have now is very street friendly and gets 26mpg on the freeway. It's more radical than most on this board, but I still think I could have gone for more. Make sure you have everything as far as supporting mods set, so that the cam grinder can take that into account. Good luck.

  13. What options do you have on your car?

    Yea im in no rush...i dont plan on doing the actual work until the end of this winter.....im in college too so im working my butt off. I also want some saleen tail light covers, a spoiler, a new front bumper, and i would like a different exhaust but i might just hold out on that to see what the flows sound like with the cam, long tubes, and off road h. Hopefully christmas and my birthday can take care of those cosmetic things between my family and girlfriend ;)
  14. Leather, power everything, MACH 460.

    Weight reduction is: no smog, no egr, aluminum heads, no back seat, no spare/jack, and no dogbone. Nothing extreme.

  15. Hmmm maybe im around 3400 with my 18x9 wheels then. I will have the same reduction things as you plus a aluminum driveshaft
  16. Hehhe.. :D It's not stock block at all (well it's a new 302 that was race preped). It's a DSS 331 stroker, Forged everything. Windage tray and girldle (main support), 7qt oil pan with hi flow pump, alum balancer and flywheel (take weight off rotating assembly). New AFM springs for the cam along with new lifters. Titanium valve guides on the heads to reduce weight there but still the stock tfs valves. I have not been doing it for that long. I hope she will hold. :D
  17. Piston- Were you the one with the CNC'd Performer? Was it just the lower or the upper also?


  18. Uhm I had an Anderson ported Edelbrock Performer (not CNC) upper/lower sold that to my buddy. Now I got an RPMII I ported at home to match the heads.

  19. Man your car looks hot. I wouldnt touch a single thing for cosmetic! Maybe some clear lights instead of black outs? Trust me, KEEP the 2 chamber flowmasters. They sound killer with the longtubes and o/r H pipe.

    jake, i'd say theres more in your car too. I didnt know you were running that low a timing. I'd stick a tire on it and hit the track and tune! Consider yourself lucky you still have a local track. I dont know if i'll ever get a good run on my combo now that it seems to be running better. Ours is closed :(
  20. Thanks man :nice: I want a boss spoiler...just to add a small touch to the trunk and my stock tail light bezels are faded and i love the SHARP look of the saleen pieces. AND my front bumper looks TERRIBLE :nonono: in real life and up close. The previous owner did a lot of highway trips and bugs/rocks/road debree really took its toll. After seeing that silver gt in motion with the 2000 cobra r bumper, im gonna get that. I wanted it since i first saw it but was hesitant cause i never saw any decent pictures until now. It was either that or the stalker...that one is cheaper :D

    Should i keep the tailpipes too? 2.5 inch tips or dump it?

    Thanks Again