Why are there ads in threads?

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  1. I agree with Ty
  2. me=light-hearted ribbing.

    i really don't care, the pop-ups are obvious and easy to avoid.
  3. I guess I just think of a Forum as share ware. You know, it needs us as much as we need it. I like to think I put in as much if not more than I take out, and I'm not asking for any compensation in return. Sure, they could try and impose an annual fee instead, but as Blake pointed out, good luck running the place with a dozen members. They would all go to to some other free place, that isn't really free when you think about it since time = money, and we all put in our share of time waiting for the newcomer with his bag of questions to come along so we can doll out free advice. So, becasue we actually contribute something we have no stake in what so ever, does that not entitle us to a so called source of free entertainment? Or are we all doing little more than charity work here? At least true charity benefits many, not just one persons pocket. Either this place is a business, or it is a place that is here purely because of the love of the hobby and the desire to form a family around it. I believe that was the original intent of this place, like most forums people go to who share common interests, but some how along the way the trail has been strayed from, and the new road starts to smell a little like a corporation is all. I just liked it better when it felt more like a club is all and not some infomercial that I now have to choose every word I type very carefully or unwittingly participate in. The fact that it is also a do as I say not as I do becasue the rules only apply to you since we are not allowed to advertise in our threads ourselves just makes it that much more sour.

    I realize this is not a non profit organization and does have some expense involved, but all monitoring is volunteer right? I mean, expenses shy of a monthly charge can not be that extreme right? I just think the baby steps have become excessive now and the original intent is becoming lost. It's not going to turn me away, yet anyway, but I also don't think I have to just shut up and take it either.

  4. do too
  5. Just curious, but is it only you guys running Windows that are experiencing these links? I haven't seen any links in any threads, including this one.

    <-- Running OS X and Safari
  6. I would agree with you for the most part except a couple of points.

    Stangnet members LOVE to complain when the site slows down. So Mike goes out and buys more server space (not free). Then they complain that other sites have "this or that options and stangnet doesn't" so he then buys upgraded software (not free) that everyone then complains about
    all for the sake of giving all of us a wonderful these wonderful forums. Without advertising, this site would look like the BON forums. They look like the software was invented in the 80's.

    All in all, is it not good enough that a source of free entertainment (that is costing the owner big $$$ to provide) might need some way to pay for itself?

    It is plain and simple, if you want to play, someone has to pay. It's like getting a free Mustang but complaining that it needs new tires. SO WHAT! It was a FREE car that needs tires. Now, if we were all paying say...$5.00 a year to use stangnet and these ads were here, I would be crying "foul" too.
  7. See, I then agree with you as well whole heartedly. And for the record, I have never once participated in a "this place is slow" thread. I don't complain about those type of things because A) I expect it when traffic is high, and B) I usually am multi-tasking when on Stangnet, so it doesn't really bother me.