Why Boost Is Better Than Nitrous.

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  1. I know what you're thinking- "man, another Jalopnik reference... What the hell is wrong with him?"

    Hey, it's got a Fox, so it's relevant, right?



  2. this is why blow off disk's are a must!!!

    boost makes more power anyway lol
  3. saw this before on jalopnik really sucks!! where do they sell bottles without blow off discs? unless it was faulty that shouldnt happen
  4. you can put an 1/8NPT plug in that port on the bottle and plug it off.

  5. thanks bro but i was being sarcastic i have not seen a bottle without a blowout disc in a long time

  6. ahhh ok... i see them from time to time. we just had one blow off the other day in the trailer. we have 1 valve that has a defuser in it but still has a disk.

  7. scary sheot not having a blowout disc on bottle! i must admit im guilty as hell i have no blow down tube and there was a couple years i was filling the bottle almost weekly. I was using nos like a passing gear lol car was stock with bolt ons so 125 shot of nos gave it some balls, im happy as hell it never blew the disc out and filled my car!!
  8. whose bottle doesn't have a safety vent?
  9. No one I personally know... They had a bottle explode at MIR last year took out the side of a guys trailer. Jackass was heating a bottle in a turkey deep fryer

    Some people just have no perception of danger. It's like these guys that will weld around flammable materials without a fire extinguisher handy or change the oil with nothing but a jack holding the car up on a sloped driveway.

    Use some common sense, people.
  11. I was at Kennedale about 15 years ago and one of my fellow racers was in front of me heating his bottle with a torch. I was a little nervous.
  12. I will admit we use a torch in a pinch but I always keep the flame moving not to create hot spots