Why buy GT500 over Saleen PJ?????????

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  1. Who would pay these crazy prices for a GT500 when you can get a Saleen Parnelli Jones for the same price or lower? In the future I think the Saleen will be worth more. I think it is the best looking version of this Stang so far. It weighs a lot less. With 400 N/A horsepower and the weight difference it has to be a close race and on a track I would think the PJ would win because of the weight of the GT500. I do not get it. Now if the GT500 was going for sticker I would reverse my statement and ask why people are buying the PJ's for 15k more, but they are not at this point.

  2. Long term, yes it will probably be worth more as there are only 500 of them, but that in and of itself is not a good reason to buy one. I bought mine because I liked the fact I wasn't going to see many of them on the road and I plan to keep it for a long time, so future value is irrelevant to me. ALL cars depreciate, and the Parnelli will be no exception, though I would agree the percentage of depreciation that GT500 buyers are going to take with all the markups is going to be much much higher.

    It does run very well for "only" 400hp :)
  3. Most of the people buying the GT500s are buying them as a "collectors car" even though I dont think they will be one at least not for many years. We got ours because its a sweet car and they can be made extreamly fast for extreamly cheap. We love our Shelby and wouldnt sell it for anything in the world.

  4. Agreed Snake,

    I prefer and bought the Saleen PJ but I can see how some would go for the Shelby based on the name recognition and connection to Shelby history. RICKS has brought up a good point in the past that the Saleen of today is much like the Shelby of yesterday was. Involved in racing, taking factory stangs and putting his own mark on them, building these in true limited quantity. By that logic you could see how a Saleen in the future will probably do quite well. This market is flooded with specialty vehicles and it comes down to what you like. I loved the look of the GT500 preproduction car, but was underwhelmed at the quarter mile and weight issues of this car. When I found the Parnelli Jones Limited Edition, it was like this car was made for me, and it represented an answer to all I thought was lacking in the S197 platform. I hope Ford can do well on the production Boss, but even if they screw that up I'll know that Steve Saleen and Parnelli had it figured out when they built this car up. The forged internals, improved handling, interior accents, etc.. of the PJ make it worth the extra money IMO, and definitely a truer representation of a race car for the street if you consider any ADMs out there , some still hovering between 15-20k.

    :shrug: That's why I chose it, but I'm sure the guys that went for the GT500 have their valid opinions, and there's bound to be more of 'em!

  5. PJ saleen wins hands down :)

    the "exclusive" is way more! only 500. i saw one at diblasi ford in corona queens, NYC...


    400hp n/a has more of a following that supercharging a motor...
  6. The looks alone i would take the GT500 for sure... no questions asked
    not really turned on by the Parnelli Jones.. Not a fan of the newer saleens

    Only would be interested for the motor,and how rare it is and will be...
  7. Just because the PJ has 400 n/a ponies makes no difference. For less tham 2K, you can make that GT500 run circles around the PJ.
  8. I'd take a $60k PJ over a $60k Shelby GT500. At $40k, the Shelby begins to look a bit more compelling.

    Btw, the $15-$25k markup on the Shelbys is why I ultimately went the Saleen route last summer.

    I have now HEARD of Shelby GT500s finally coming down to MSRP in some markets, but I have not seen it happen yet here in Southern California.

    On a related note, I was watching Barrett-Jackson last night on the Speed Channel and saw a '78 Corvette Pace Car (remember those black and silver models that everyone raved about almost 30 years ago?) being sold by the original owner. The Vette had something like 117 miles and still had the factory plastic wrap on the seats. It only sold for about $45k; almost exactly the original purchase price adjusted for inflation. That means the owner took a LOSS on the car considering inflation, cost of storage, tax, title, insurance (if any), etc. Those Vette Pace cars were bought up by collectors who were sure they'd be worth a mint in 20 or 30 years. In fact, some of those cars were being traded at 100% markups when they first hit showroom floors. Ultimately, the high demand for those cars caused Chevy to INCREASE PRODUCTION so it could build one for every Chevy dealer (6,000+). Starting to sound familiar (10,000 Shelbys for '07 and another 10,000 for '08)???

    Ultimately, buying a NEW car with hopes of it one day being a collector car is about as risky as trying to time the real estate market in Vegas or speculating on the Netherlands' tulip market in the 17th century. Bottom line, if production/supply can be increased, then it likely will increase in a heated market.

    That being said, I'm about to take off for Vegas in a few hours. Wish me luck...
  9. I agree with you elburrito99. I've tried to make this point many times before. Whenever 6,000 of any vehicle are made, it is NOT a collectable, never will appreciate in value.

    Only 14,368 Shelby Mustangs were built from 1965 to 1970. And the only Shelby Mustangs that command really big prices are the 1965 GT-350, because only 562 of them were made and the 1968 GT-500KR because only 1,251 of them were made.
  10. I beg to differ. Straight line, maybe. But the PJ wasn't made as a drag car. I'd put my money on a lighter, more agile, better suspension model with improved throttle control (read NA instead of blown). Given the same drivers on a closed road course the PJ would definitely keep up and likely shave a second or two off the Shelby's time.

    You can go KB supercharger and try to rework the suspension, but the real problem is the front-biased behemoth that is the IRON BLOCK in that car. Replace said block with the all aluminum Ford GT motor - it would likely mop the PJ, but that proposition is much more expensive than 2k.

    The discussion is more stock vs. stock, and let's be real. This is all bench racing anyway....


  11. Perfectly stated. As another example, I'm still laughing at all the nut cases that paid STUPID money for the 2000 R models, and I've seen those for 10K under original MSRP. Buying any car as an investment is not a wise move, and that's not why I decided on the Parnelli. Pure and simple, I bought it because I like it, and because it is different. If I feel the urge for stupid power, the 97 will do just fine. :D
  12. I agree that you do not buy a car as an investment, at least I would never do so. I buy cars to drive them. That said, that was only one of my points. I think the PJ is a better car in every category, but that is my opinion.
  13. FoMoCo offerings, SVT, Cobra (with or without the Shelby badge) will usually have a wider fan-base as Saleen, although a manufacturer, is seen by some as a 'tuner' car for a niche market. I'm biased towards the PJ as I'm having a great time with this car, but I can see how one would love the GT500 (and the market craze is definitely there!).

    If it were easier to order and purchase the Shelby I probably would have gotten that first, as that car started my interest back into looking at the specialty vehicles based on this platform... But, wouldn't you know it, a few crummy dealers later I was fed up with lists, bids, bids over MSRP, blind auctions, yada yada yada.

    By that time I saw the first pics of the PJ unveiled at the NYAS and the love affair began... I almost laugh at myself that the very same car is in my garage right now, and I'm sure most GT500 owners feel the same about their beast. So what's my point? I thought this thread was going to start some flame wars about Saleen vs. Shelby or something at first, but I guess I didn't realize there's some classy guys and gals on here. Most people are fans of both cars and like both. If I could afford both I'd have a red with white striped Shelby sitting next to the PJ (That would drive the wife mad!)

    For the Shelby owners out there, what benefits have you found in the car that you didn't expect until you've had it for a while? Attention at gas stations, drag races at red lights, people throwing undergarments? Post up...


  14. I feel the sameway about the Shelby as chuckdoc feels about his PJ. You cant even belive that the car you used to read about in mags and see at car shows is parked in your garage. Its true both cars are good looking and fast. The PJ will prolly be worth more but who cares really, get the car and drive it like it was built for. Enjoy it and have fun with it!

  15. Because I like the GT500 better and paid less that the the saleen sticker?

    Incidently, the two guys that have one I talked to at a mustang meet Parnelli himself attended, both admitted paying substantially more than 60K for theirs.
  16. True....I am not much of a road racer, so I generally speak of straight line, whic is what I was referring to....sorry for the confusion.

    I love your car though.
  17. I wish I had either one of them. I can see liking the GT500 better especially if you paid less than the PJ sticker. Most GT500's I have seen are going for more than the PJ sticker. I like the look of the PJ, but that is just from pictures. Like I said, if the GT500 were going for sticker I think Saleen would have a lot of inventory on their hands. That said, I want a GT500, and would have one right now if not for the ADM. I am waiting it out and in the mean time I will get to see what they make of the Boss and any other special edition they might come out with. I think the demand will go down tremendously when there are more specialty stangs to choose from and go down even more when the Camaro and Challenger are around.
  18. Nice Car, Former!

    I like the white w/ blue stripes.


  19. yeah, i went to the one dealership by me, and there was 2. one was listed at $63,000, and another at $64,500. pretty steep.

  20. Thanks!

    By the way, don't get me wrong, The parnelli is a very nice car and I would never belittle someone who bought one. I wish I could afford one of them too!