Why buy GT500 over Saleen PJ?????????

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  1. I like the PJ but for an MSRP of 61k wow, I paid 48k otd for my GT500, But both car are very nice Id love to see a PJ inperson
  2. My buddies boss has FOUR GT500s and has TWO PJ Saleens one the way! Luckily I usually get a chance to drive his cars to check them out at some point. Looking forward to seeing the PJ.... Maybe I can work out a back to back drive with a PJ and a GT500. Will post my findings.
  3. My reason for getting the GT500 was i am big fan of what can be done with botl-on's to the supercharged ford. When i found out that the 5.4 was going in i new it was for me. The power to $$ ratio is out of this world. Some cars are picking up 50-60 hp with tunes only and add pulleys and cia and a good tune putting down 560+ to the ground. KB Has there blower coming out that with a stock 3" pulley put down over 600 rwhp. This sould be as much fun as the 03-04 guys had
  4. I would hope that spending 70k on a Ferd has a point? :lol:

    "Made extreamly fast for extreamly cheap". (No wonder you bought a GT500, I would hope you could make a sports car fast after blowing too much to begin with.) Hands down to the clown who wants to spend money on a 70k sports car to make them fast.:rlaugh:

    If I was you, I would sell that pig for a bigger size pig... ribs and bacon can be worth more than an under-performing pony.
  5. That's great, I spent a quarter of what you spent, it you really did? Guess what, I can hang with you, and with about 1K spank you. So, have fun with that 70k investment!
  6. SSlither - I'm guessing you own a base GT. The thread (if you read it) is about a GT500 vs. a Saleen PJ... Nobody's talking about what you can do with a cheap car to make it faster. This isn't the thread to hate on guys who spent more money than you did on your car.

    Guess What? Nobody cares that your 26k GT can hang with his 45-60k Shelby. At the end of the day, he gets to look in his garage at a truly unique and sought-after car. I can say the same with my Saleen PJ. I spent twice as much as a base GT. I won't explain my reasons here for doing that, but consider this - the guys that are paying PJ and Shelby prices are doing so because they can, and because they don't care what people will think of their decision.

    If you think I care that you can throw bolt-ons and dress up your beast and (maybe) beat a more expensive car, its not the point. By that logic why aren't you driving a Fast and Furious modded out Nissan that can run any of these cars in the 1/4?


  7. This SSlither guy is a joke. It bottoms down to jealousy, we own tcars he most likely will never be able to afford. Plus he said I paid 70k for the Shelby where did say I paid that for the Shelby? Hell people are buying them for sticker, very few are but it is happening. I didnt but I will tell you right now I paid no where close to 70k thats for sure.
  8. check out SSlither's new CT. :D applied that earlier today. :SNSign:
  9. Rock on!!


  10. Looking at his past post he talks bad about the new shelby but then said he would like one when the price goes down. jealousy :nonono:
  11. not jealousy, just a little stupid to buy it 15k over msrp
  12. how can a car be classified as a collector car if there not limiting production? even in the future i dont think they will be worth half as much as those limited production cars ie. saleen pj. but i still want a GT500 as soon as the prices come down.
  13. This car will hold some value in the future, but the price it started at is so high to begin with that it will be tough to consider this car as a true collectable for many years to come.

    The worst offender of all time, is the 2006 GT-H. The dealers who bought them are taking this one up their butt big time. They actually paid $50-$60K for these things, thinking that the collector would be that stupid to pay that kind of money.

    Now to the above comments.

    I guess $150-175K for a 67 Shelby GT500 is pocket change. How about the '67 GT350 verts or the '66 Shelby GT-H. Heck, even the '69 GT500 will bring $125K.

    How about any 65-66-67 K code car. They are bringing $40-70K. What about 67FB or 68FB c, A and S codes will bring $30-50K and even more and how few were made???

    Boss 302's will bring $50-75K. 69/70 428CJ Q or R codes will bring $60-125K.

    How about a Z28 DZ302 Camaro? These weren't exactly limited production cars.

    It is tough to say what any of these cars will command in the future. As I mentioned earlier, they are starting at such a high price to begin with, who knows.

    The one thing that we can look forward to, when the Challenger hits the market, the GT500 be knocked down a peg or two and prices will be at sticker.
  14. It all depends. My 87 GN is worth twice what sticker was. It wasn't exactly a limited production car.

    Limited production does not always equate to higher collectability.
  15. GN? grand national? how much did it cost? im not sure but not too long ago when i was thinking about getting one i could find plenty at 6k to 8k with out a problem.
  16. This just makes me cry...... my dad was gonna buy a '67 GT500 white with blue stripes back in '81ish for like 10k. He didn't do it cause my mom said the car was "ugly" which is funny cause she LOVES my car now. He bought a Vette instead, not a bad alternative but considering the value difference.... that's why I wanted a Shelby now but I unfortunately, could not find one for anywhere close to sticker, which was all I could really afford. So GT premium for me.
  17. You need to adjust for inflation. When you factor inflation, you find that your car isn't worth much more than it sold for new. For instance $16K in 1986 is equal to over $29K today. Then add in the cost of keeping insurance over that span of years, storage, a/c and/or heat, upkeep/maintanance...

    That said, Grand Nationals are one of the FEW cars from the 80's that have held-strong consistently, and in the last two years, really taken-off. GNX's even more-so, but they only made 547 of those...

    With 60's muscle cars in-general, only in the last 4-5 years have they really lit-fire and started exceeding the inflation-factor...

    You've got to keep a car for a loonnnng time, and on top of that, pick the RIGHT car (which requires an element of instinct, crystal-balling, and plain-ole luck), to win the race against inflation and ownership costs...
  18. You can find plenty of GN's for $6-8K for sure.... But they'd be of the beaten-to-death-not-worth-the-trouble-from-a-purely-financial-standpoint variety...

    In short, you'll find clapped-out, toasted, roasted, roaches in that price range....

    Nice, well-preserved virgin low-mile examples in as-new condition can command $20-30K, and sometimes more if the miles are extremely low...

    Low-mile GNX's have begun entering the rarified air of 6-figures, believe it or not (check your Hemmings...). :eek:
  19. As Ricks said, even back a short time, a $6-8K GN would have been beat to all crap. Clean GN's even 5 years ago could command $13-$15K.

    You can still find $6-$8K GN's with 150,000 miles if that is what you want.

    A recent 3000 mile GN went for $35K. An 800 mile GN went for $42K, and these were not BJ auctions, but private sales.

    And both of these were '87's which had a production of 55,000+ in GN trim.

    GN's new could be had for $16K.
  20. Well I finally broke down and got a Shelby today. The dealer i got it from also had a Parnelli and a bunch of other stangs (Steeda, Roush, other Saleens). The Parnelli is definitely an awesome ride. They also had a Saleen with the glass-back roof, which was pretty nifty, but not for me (that thing gets HOT). I guess the main reason I went with the Shelby over the Parnelli was for the convertible. Ever since the spy photos came out I've been saying "they better make a vert." Throw the convertible factor out and...I dunno...its a tough call at the current prices. The Saleen will definitely be a more unique vehicle, now and in the future, which is a big draw for me. I hate it when people say, "oh, its just another Mustang." Don't get me wrong, the Shelby is unique in its own right, but with 20-30,000 being built you are bound to see one on a regular basis if you live in a populated area. I would think the chances of seeing two Parnellis on the road at the same time are going to be slim to none (unless you're at a car show).

    That being said, I didn't buy my Shelby for a collector car. I bought it because once upon a time I had this plan to build a mean Mustang (S197 body, super/turbocharged 5.4 4v, 6-speed, solid axle). Only Ford beat me to it, and threw a warranty on it. Lets face it, when you build a custom car, hot rod, etc you are always going to have something go wrong with it. Personally, I don't care one bit that it has Shelby's name on it (we all know SVT built the car). Yes, I have the utmost respect for Carroll Shelby, and its cool having his name on the car, but his name is the sole reason for the inflated ADMs, and as I stated, I didn't buy it for a collector. Hell, I put 300 miles on it driving home today, and I'll probably put on another 300 tomorrow. Ford built a sweet car and I intend on driving the hell out of it.

    Yes, I paid too much. I could have waited till August or September for an 08 for close to sticker, but I wanted it now to enjoy this Spring & Summer. Also, the amount of pressure and abuse my family has taken from me ranting about gross ADMs and crooked dealers over the last few months had finally taken its toll. I couldn't put them or myself through any more torture, and since I don't plan on selling it, the ADM I paid is really irrelevant (except for the immediate "OUCH! Aren't you going to use lube?" factor). I had the means to pay for it, so I did. I'll let my kids fight over it when I head off to the big corral in the sky.

    That being said....first impressions! Being used to my 96, the new body is definitely a lot more solid, but the suspension will probably be one of my first upgrades. It floats a lot around corners. It may be because its a vert, i dunno, but I gotta tighten it up. The "off-road" stance leaves much to be desired as well. I only drove highway miles today, but I kicked it a few times and boy does it get the adrenalin pumping. Not to worry, I am taking it easy until I get used to it. Its going to be nice not having to fill a bottle though (for now anyways :D ).

    Anyways, thanks for reading my 2 cents. I've been lurking for a long time and finally had something to say. I'm exhausted...must rest...I have a lot of driving to do tomorrow.

    Oh by the way, does anyone know how I can find out what build number my Shelby is? My dealer didn't know. Is it posted on the window sticker anywhere?