Why buy GT500 over Saleen PJ?????????

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by 911man, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. That is awesome, congrats!!

    Back to the topic.

    I would purcahse the GT500. larger motor, more valves, supercharged, six speed, done.
  2. I went with the GT500 over the PJ for 2 reasons:

    A) I prefer the 281 Saleens over the PJs asthetically
    B) my 03 showed me how much fun can be had with a factory blown motor :flag:

    When I was first considering getting rid of the 03, I was looking at the 281SCs when they first came out in 05, I thought they looked awesome, but HP wise it would be a downgrade from the Cobra. The Extreme would be the only one I would consider from that standpoint, but $80k for a Mustang seemed a little nuts to me.

    I went the Shelby route since it's basically the 'next' Cobra. The motor is sweet, and has tons of potential. I can't wait to start modding mine a little more. Sure the hastle with the dealers and ADMs made me give up on it once or fifty times, but it was well worth the wait.

    The PJs are definately sweet, I saw one on display at the Saleen store in Irvine. For some reason, it just didn't get my blood boiling like the Shelby does. Personal preference I guess. :cheers:
  3. you have to buy what gets your BLOOD PUMPIN and HEART RACING!!

    either car, u can not go wrong! :)
  4. Much respect to the recent GT500 owners on the board.


  5. I think you mean in a straight line. The GT500 will always rotate about it's engine.
  6. So true... It's not that I'm not a fellow horse-power junkie, but it does get a bit silly when everything comes down to the drag-race. If you're really so obsessed with straight-line bragging rights in a Ford, build a tubbed crate-engined n2o'd Pinto.. It'd wax the Shelby every time, for 1/5th the money, leaving a ton of cash left over for buying bottles of Courvoisier and romancing the ladies... :D
  7. IMO the only thing against the PJ is that Ford is going to build its own Boss that will have more power and be much cheaper....
  8. I think the PJ is drop-dead gorgeous and the limited numbers just makes it a very desirable car in terms of exclusivity. The collectability issue is total crap as far as I'm concerned because I buy a car to drive it and for the handling which is where the PJ wins again. It's been said before but so many GT500's have been bought to preserve that I doubt they'll ever be collectable. Also, in the past, the Mustangs went from high power street machines to fat lardy strangled beasts which made the earlier stuff (which had never been bought to be collected) more desirable. The fact many had been crashed and the fact that 60's car rust like billy-o meant few survived.

    Now look at a modern GT500. Thousands built, thousands preserved and modern cars last forever. Future models from Ford will eclipse the GT500 ten times over unless they suddenly declare all high powered cars illegal.

    So buy your cars for the pleasure they'll give you, not as an investment. If I could have a PJ at list, I'd be at the head of the queue (especially at $2 to the £). The choice between the two will ultimately depend on what deal you can get since both command a premium and what you want from the car.

    Then again, in terms of exclusivity, I'd probably buy a stock S/C Saleen.

    Thank god we don't all like the same thing though or we'd all be driving the same cars. Wait...... ;)
  9. Your collectible theory has a few good points, but is not watertight... Exceptions to the rule exist, but usually at lower production numbers, such as Saleen does... The Saleens WILL be collectible, regardless of how much faster the horsepower wars go, due to the same mystiques and desirable aspects that have low-mile 1987 GNX's bringing 6-figure prices today, and that have '93 and '95 R-Model Cobras and 94-99 S351 Saleens quickly climbing the value-ladder of late.

    It's a complex web of things that makes a car STICK as a halo-collectible, for the long-haul. Do these new GT500's have it?? Not to a huge extent, certainly never to the extent that the original 1965-1970 series is. I think that those who are ready to pay $20K+ premiums on the new KR are also smoking weed, as there's just not that much going on with those beyond a power kit, a gear, questionable wheels, and a ton of hype..

    Just look at what's happened with the poor old Corvette ZR-1... Used to be "King of the Hill"... you needed a brain-surgeon's salary to buy one new, and nothing else at the time aproached its horsepower.... until the Viper....and the fact that the LT1 had enough torque to stick within a few 10th's of it, and then the LS1, and the LS6, and LS2, and now the LS7..... All of a sudden, clean used ZR-1's can be bought for the base-price of a Mustang GT.. It's like a fallen hero...

    Anyhow, I wish that everyone WOULD think about collectibility AS THEY DRIVE, just to the point that you respect the car and don't just destroy it as is what happened to so many 60's and 70's muscle cars. Nobody was thinking, nobody was caring, and now so few are left you've gotta win the lottery to buy one. Wouldn't it be better if everyone would just take care of their stuff, keep one eye on the future, so that there's more fun classic iron around 30 years from now that's affordable as well??