Why can't car companies NAME their cars?

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  1. thought it was weird seeing andy and zink and oxmox all back at once, then i looked at the date.
  2. I think the Five Hundred name was both forgettable, and misleading.. Five Hundred what? Horsepower? Cubic inches? Seconds in the quarter mile? It's a good move to bring the Taurus name back, but.. if I needed a second non-Mustang car, I'd be looking at the Fusion. :nice:
  3. BMW's naming convention is that the first number designates the body style/model (1/3/5/7/8...) and the next two the engine displacement. The letter i is a holdover from times when fuel injection was something to brag about rather than something you would find in even run-of-the-mill economy cars. In Europe, where BMW sells diesel-powered cars, one can also see the 325d on the road. If there are two letters like an X or a C they indicate AWD and Coupe/Conv. respectively.

    For example the 335i is a smaller BMW with a 3.5 L engine. Some aren't 100% correct as 540i's from 97 on are actually 4.4L whereas those b/t 94 and 95 are 4.0. BMW probably wanted to carry over the name and familiarity with that car. M cars have their own designations.

    I think Lexus does a similar thing. I don't know why the heck the japanese auto makers are using R, X, L, O, P, R, E, etc for their names though!
  4. RL stands for Road Luxury.

    TL stands for Touring Luxury or something like that.

    DB9 stands for the owner of Aston Martin followed by the model's generation number. Like Corvettes C5 etc.

    Audi uses a similar system to BMW. A platform letter followed by a trim number. TT stands for tourist trophy.

    CTS - C-series Touring Sedan.

    DTS - DeVille Touring Sedan.

    STS - Seville Touring Sedan.

    XLR - Luxury Roadster. Not sure what the X means. V indicates supercharged.
    GT means the car is in some fashion used in racing by the production company. Gran Turismo or Grand Touring.

    HHR - Heritage High Roof.

    300 - Ripped from old school chryslers that were built with 300 hp engines. Letters indicate trim.

    SRT - Street and Racing Technology followed by the number of cylinders. (SRT4 for Neons, SRT10 for Vipers, etc.)

    F430 - Ferrari through the F on there. 430 is displacement of the engine or a single cylinder.

    Five Hundred - Ripped from Fairlanes which indicated trim level.

    GT - Granding Touring (Gran Turismo)

    S2000 - S is a roadster series Honda has produced. 2000 represents generation.

    G35 - Platform letter and the engine used (VQ35 series). Same pattern for other Infiniti vehicles.

    Jaguar uses S and K to designated platform. Second letter trim. R supercharged.

    LS - Luxary Sedan.

    Maybach names cars by their length.

    RX-# - R stands for rotary. Used to be an option on old mazda vehicles. Not sure what the number stands for since they use another way to indicate generation.

    Mazda3/6 are derived from 323 and 626. Not sure what spurred those numbers, but mazda exported those 2 vehicles under a different name to different countries.

    Mercedes' system uses letters which indicate price. Additional letters are codes for extra goodies.

    350Z - Z car. 350 is from displacement. 350 - 3.5L, 240ZX - 2.4L, 260Z - 2.6L, etc.

    G6 - 6th generation Grand Am

    In GTO, the O is Italian or something that means approved. Pontiac actually ripped that off from Ferrari.

    S7 - Don't quote me, but I believe 7 indicates prototype number before settling on a production model.

    tC - toyota celica

    Volvo has used numbers ever since its DAF days. Its new naming system is a bastardized version of its old 3 number system which indicated size, engine size, doors.

    Type R just indicates race trim.

    That was all for fun. Some I have no idea about. This type of naming system was around before cars actually got names. Ford Model-T. Ford Model-48. Ford GT-40 (40 was its height). Chevrolet's first cars were just the production number minus a digit - 150 and 210. Plymouth used names like special deluxe coupe. Alot of cars badged under different manufacturers after being imported seem to get stuck with a letter/number name like the Fairlady-350Z and Skyline-G35. Toyota Supra is going to be tagged with a letter designation under Lexus soon (LF-A).

    We can be thankful for having an aviation nerd as one of the designers for the Mustang since he suggested the name after a Mustang fighter plane he fancied.

    Cars make names for themselves. Some guys would rather have a plain jane sounding '57 chevy than a race sounding S360Z Type R GTX or Barbaro or Funny Cide or Street Sense or Giacomo or whatever else sounds fast. ;)
  5. ok so he slammed the door shut ... or did he. i work at best buy in the install bay and we always get the 90s saturns. not only do we have no freaking clue what to wright down on the sheet, but half the time the owners of the car have no damn clue what their car is called. i guess when it comes down to it they are all plastic death traps. but still you have no idea how hard it is to find a part for a car that you have no clue what it is :bang: . THANKS A LOT GM
  6. :eek: Who brought this thread back up from the dead?!! This thing was more than a year old.

    This is why you jump on the computer in the instal bay, log onto toolkit. Click the stock chart(the flow chart that is always on the right), and use the yahoo search engine to find Edmunds.com. :D


    I worked home theater for 3 years. We firgured out how to surf the net using toolkit. I think Bestbuy just wanted their employees to be able to go to Bestbuy.com and no other websites.:notnice: