Why cant I find a 17x6" or 17x7" bullit wheel for the front?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by rcn4him, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. I Really love Wheel Replicas 17x10.5" wheel for the rear but don't want thier 17x9" wheel for the front.

    Am I the only one?
  2. Because they don't make them? :shrug:

    I think the smallest made is 8" wide.
  3. Probably because they only make 17" x 8" and up?
  4. I guess my intent with the question is why not? I thing a combo like that would be great!

    Again......... Am I the only one?
  5. Yes you probably are the only one :shrug:
  6. i second that :p but why wouldn't the stock 17x8 size work, that's what most people are running :shrug:
  7. Because it would look :puke:
  8. If you want skinnies in front and fatties out back, just get yourself some Weld Racing wheels, that's what they're made for (race car look). :nice:
  9. Another option may be the American Racing 405. This is the Torq-Thrust II with an anthracite finish on the spokes (like the bullits). They make it in sizes ranging from 17x7-17x11, plus you can order custom backspacing. Hope this helps, just make it the way YOU like it.
  10. I've got 13" front brakes...looks like I'll probably go the custom route...I'm fine with the factory 8" front width but the finish does'nt match the aftermarket wheels...and I'm really partial to the bullits!

    I think a 225 or 235 17" tire would look fine in front of a 295-315 17" rear :D
  11. I've also been thinking about the same thing. There's a shop in Northville Michigan called Weldcraft Wheels (well known in these parts for narrowing/widening wheels) that will narrow them for you, don't quote me but I believe they said they'd charge $75 a wheel to narrow them. The inch or two they remove is on the back side so you wouldn't see it anyway. This way you can still have the nice looking center hub and not a screw on center cap like the TT's have. Hope this helps.
  12. Thanks! I'll check it out!
  13. anything smaller than 7" would look gay unless they're racing wheels.

    Hell, I've got 9.5"s in the front and I think they look bad ass. If you want the bullitt look, those deep dish wheels from www.wheelreplicas.com would be awesome for the back and the skinnier ones in front would compliment them well.