Why cant I recieve new reply emails?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by str8stang036, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. Its been about 2 weeks that I dont recieve email from new replies. I have checked my profile, cleared it, and re-done it and nothing. And my preference is set to recieve an email imediately after the reply. Anyone have any ideas why this is happening.
  2. I've never used this option personally, here.

    I suppose they may have upgraded the forum software and when specifing the outbound mail server to use it may be foobared or something.

    Who knows?

    I'd e-mail someone on Stanget itself and ask if it's important.

  3. Somethings wack...Mine started this about mid-day...I no longer get any incoming emails from here ???? I also touched nothing.. :shrug:
  4. For what its worth...I have one of those free spam accts thru my cable company..I just checked it and had 26 messages hung-up in there....Somethings wack..For some reason it did not approve SNs messages... :hail2:
  5. Yea- I think my spam blocker is doing the same. All I recieve is aol stuff.
  6. I've had the problem for about two weeks. But, I did receive and email today. Maybe they fixed it? :shrug: