Why Can't I Stand F&f Movies - Is It Just Me?

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  1. I really like drag racing, but every time I try & watch the fast & furious movies it is like nails on the chalkboard. Maybe as a Mustang owner I just know better? Two Lane Blacktop is a great movie...
  2. If you watch F&F movies as comedies, it helps. Two lane black top is awesome.

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  3. I know but every time one comes out I watch it. WHY! Do this to myself after 5 of them you would think I would stop.
  4. I could care less. I watch them and enjoy my popcorn.

    Since i've gotten older, things don't bother me as much. I've got better things to worry about
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  5. Bullitt
    2 lane black top
    Dirty Mary Crazy Larry
    Vanishing Point
    Original Gone in 60 seconds

    Those were great car chase movies
  6. Can't forget about American Graffiti...

    But yes, F & F series is unwatchable to me. I gave the series a chance all the way until the 4th one and haven't watched any since. It's a lost cause...
  7. I watched the recent one. Lots of unbelievable scenes. Like stuff that could never happen unbelievable. Good for the kids though...
  8. I see it as an insult to my intelligence. The first one was at least believable in context ( illegal street racers and car theft in the plot, go hand in hand), But after that, wouldn't even watch anything with the words "drift" in the subtitle,.... deliberatly missed the next however many came after that, all because they would have me believe that a dodge charger w/ a 6-71 was capable of snagging the front end on the street on street tires.
    The breaking point was having to watch what amounts to a late 30 something (Vin diesel) STILL wanting to hang out w/ a bunch of dumb 16 year olds at a ricer fest, and having to be the GO TO by the feds as the only hope to rescue his car thief girlfriend.

    Poor Stupid Feds.........

  9. I think some of you guys take life way too seriously. I've come to accept that Hollywood doesn't understand car physics, and I actually enjoy looking for their mistakes. I haven't seen all of this franchise but I didn't really HATE the ones I saw. There are far better car movies, but they're not the worst I've ever seen either.
  10. The part that I despise most is that every time one of those moves lets out, I nearly run over some chit box with a fart can driven by some douche canoe wearing his hat backwards with his breeches hanging down around his knees.
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  11. I do not like movies that crush cars with all the care of a pop can in a no deposit state. At least Christine did it for a purpose.
  12. I refuse to watch any of the False and the Foolish Movies, too much of the Ricer Lifestyle for me.
  13. I'm sure there will be F&f 6, 7, 8 and on!
  14. LMAO. I will keep watching them. I love walking out of the theater and hearing 20 civics, aveos and so on reving their engines. Not once have I had one pull up next to me and want to race. If they did I would do my best to win without slipping a tire.
  15. Really though, it's more like this:

    F&F lifestyle:

    Real Ricer lifestyle:

  16. I agree, I cringe when I see an old classic get smashed up.
  17. Stop watching the movies like a documentary, just watch them as entertainment. The last few have actually been pretty good.

    If you take any movie too serious, you will ruin it for yourself.