Why cant my dad understand?

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  1. I was 11 whe the SN-95 came out. I wasnted one so bad as well but had to settle for a 93 LX when I turned 16. It was a 4 banger cause my parents wouldn't let me get a 5.0 I have since then totaled the LX. thank god. I ended up getting a SN-95 right after I turned 19. A crystal White 95 Cobra and the only other Stanger I would rather have right now is that Shelby Concept I saw of the 05 Mustang. If they come out with them and I can even come close to affording it believe me I will.
  2. so many of us have been through this......
    My paps was always scared I'd make the damn thing faster than it already was but rents need to realize that workin on cars keep us out of trouble, long as we stay under the speed limit.....what would he rather you do....smoke pot and party friday night or wrench on the stang??

    also, no second gear burnouts in front of dad, make sure you demonstrate that you can handle all 200 ponies you have stock before you go bolting on power
  3. I remember when i turned 17 all i wanted was a stang. I told my parents over and over again that i WANTED a Mustang, nothing else. I wasnt looking for anything special, just a V8 Mustang.
    Well they took me all over looking for cars. We passed up a used 89 because they didnt want to spend that much on it ($6K). Then a month later they wound up buying me a ford PROBE for the same price!!! ARGH!!!
    Well after beating the HELL out of the probe in the next year i finally got a job, and traded the gay probe in for my 92 GT. Parents, cant live with them, cant live without em....LOL Some...or is that Most just dont understand!
    It kills me that they spent all of that money on the probe, and then i wound up buying a stang anyway. If they would have bought the stang in the first place i could have spent all of that money on mods!! argh!
  4. Oh man, I just got done with like 3 days of negotiation to get a tmoss/ thumper combo. Glad its done but luckly now my dad thinks its a good idea to get rebuilt heads at 100k. I dont think he knows they are ported though.
  5. My dad is cool for the most part just always reminding me is this what I want to do and make sure I do my research on things that I buy before I go through with him. ****, he used to race his 69 Mach 1 all the damn time. I was always an import guy and at that a ROTARY guy so he didn't understand. We taught each other things about each others engines, lol. It's funny to hear him explaining to someone how a rotary works cause most people don't get it but he finally did. Now I'am selling my 3rd gen 7 for a Mustang with plans on a turbo 351w, he was fine with that. I know it's going to bring back memories for him.

    About helping me, **** he ALWAYS helps me. Never any problems, all I have to do is ask and we are out there with our cover alls turning wrench's. He's the bomb diggity!
  6. My dad could beat up your dad....... :D
  7. OK now i feel old....I was 23 when the 94's hit the market. I bought my 95 GT 2 years ago,and it was bone stock. I don't live at home anymore so when I stopped by with it Dad asked me to drive it. His only comment was " do you really need to go that fast?" SInce then i added an X cam, Motorsport upper and lower intake, 24LBS injectors, and a short throw shifter. When i stopped by for thanksgiving he and mu uncle took the car for a ride and when pop got out of the car he just shook his head. I can't wait till he drives it with the new 331 stroker. Moral of the story...I'm 32 years old and my dad still gives me grief for going fast. :D
  8. I'm feeling really old now too! I was 28 when the SN95 hit the streets and still too poor to get a GT, so I (and my wife; she wanted the GT also) had to settle for the v6. Now, at age 37 I finally have the v8 mustang that I've wanted for about 21 years now. I think it's cool that your dad helps when he does though. My dad's philosophy (and I heard it a million times!!) was
    " if it isn't broke, don't fix it" but I still got into my own bind now and then when my "mods" went awry (this is all on a '73 Maverick 4 door with a 250 six!!) Stay focused on school and working and your mustang dreams will come--maybe not fast enough, but they will happen!! The SN-95 GT is a way cool car, so don't knock it too much!! :D
    This has been a really fun thread to read through!!
  9. Both my parents hate everything I do to my car... tuition at private engineering college is NOT cheap, especially cause I am white and male. And we split that.

    At my house, if your hobby does not involve sports, then its not a hobby. My brother ran track, played hockey, and baseball. He never payed for anything, ever, and wasn't expected to get a job either.

    While I ran track too in HS too, I was expected to carry a job and I had to pay for every guitar lesson for 4 years that I played classical. Am I a little bitter? Yeah. He still gets pissed if I change my own oil cause obviously I don't know what I'm doing...

    Whatever though, everything I've done to my car is on my own time and my own dime, my parents have never helped me with anything and I'm damn proud of it and even the little modifications I've done on my own.

    Keep the faith man.
  10. When I got my first stang, i was 16, and had been working my ass off for 2 yrs. to save up for it. When i picked it up with him, i got home, and he had a flowmaster cat-back sitting there as a present for all my hard work. we are both total gearheads, and i tell him about all my races, and burnouts, and he just laughs, and tells me stories about how he used to do the same thing. it's a great relationship.lol
  11. My dad was the same, he always told me it was fast enough as it was when i was in highschool. Now that i am 21 and in college he likes what i do with the car.
  12. My dad can't say anything to me (not like he would but I am only 22) cause he took apart his ENTIRE 2000 softail to powdercoat, paint and black chrome EVERYTHING but the bolts. While he was at it he stroked it to 95 inches, bought new heads and got some head work done too. I guess I'm lucky enough to have parents that are just happy I make my own money and they dont have to support me. As long as I dont have bill collectors calling and I'm not asking for money They could care less.
  13. my mom is really cool about me modding my car, the other day she was like 'you should go get your intake welded so when your midpipe gets here you can get it all in soon', hahaha, my friend has to convince his parents to let him put a k&n in, and my mom buys me mufflers and longtubes, as well as drives an hour with me to get me signed up to drag race at moroso, my dad doesn't even know much about my car except he thinks its loud (parents are divorced)
  14. My dad used to say "Don't fix what isn't broke". My dad musta been a car dummy cause I fix things for MAINTENANCE and modification. But he's dead so now I can do what I want. (he was an a s s anyway)

    Put what YOU want on it. Its your car. 95-95 is the best. I have two and love the body style with the pushrod motor.

  15. the 5.0 is the ultimate Ford Motor, and its awesome that its in a SN-95 body. I love my car, and have to clear my mods with my dad, although theres none yet, he's pretty cool, he just wants me to stay safe. I think for christmas i'm going to get an A/T Cat-back and Pacesetter O/R H pipe. My dad loves cars, and if i start modding it, he'll realy get into it. BTW i'm 17 and work a good job, and go to school, make good grades, and bought my car myself. So all my mods are going to come from my pocket!
  16. Diggin up an old thread ehh. My old Stangnet name was Idiot5.0. Its amazing how a year changes things. I think I got my dad going halves with me on a 347 this winter. And man am I glad the bullits are for sale and the TT's are on.
  17. i was reading down through and i see my post and i'm like what is going on....