why cant you put 351w heads in a 5.0 302???

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  1. 95gt is the car in the swap, the 351w heads are out of a lightning

    351w gt40 heads in example
    62cc for the e7's vs 64cc for the 351's

    the 351's have longer pushrods and the heads themselves are taller as well.

    this being said, how is it possible for 351W heads to fit in a 302 5.0 while using the stock valve covers, using the stock lower intake(cobra intake for a 302) and everything fitting without any problems and only having to use different head bolts.

    everyone at my job(auto technicians) say it wont work and showed me all these books saying they need different pushrods and wont bolt up correctlly , yet many on here say no problems, has anyone done this swap themselves??

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    btw thanks for the help and say hi to the newb, dont worry other then bad grammer i have pretty good nettique and im glad to be a part of such a good forum for us 94-95 guys
  2. i dont know about the intake/valve covers but I do know that they will bolt up just fine as long as you have washers. 351W's use 1/2 inch head bolts and 302's use 7/16 inch head bolts. a set of new pushrods is pretty cheap.
  3. Back in the 70's & 80's Ford used the same heads for 302 & 351 engines.
  4. a friend has just totally cleared this all up for me, FYI you have to use stock pushrods whether you like it or not. the block determines the pushrod length not the head,
    302=302 pushrods even with 351 heads
    351=351 pushrods even with 302 heads

    thanks for helping the newb!
  5. the head bolt sizes are different but you can get the ARP stuff to adapt
  6. That's not true. Yes, the block has an impact on pushrod, since it has a taller deck. But the valvetrain geometry, rocker selection, and even the cam (if it has a non-stock base circle radius) all affect required pushrod length. If you're going with 100% stock 351 heads and valvetrain (a mistake in my opinion), then sure, stock 351 pushrods will work. Otherwise, I would use a pushrod length checker and get exactly the right length pushrods, that's the best way to do it.

  7. Sorry b/c I bring this old topic
    One guy have stock GT-40 heads from 94 351 Lightning for sale cheap
    Can those heads fit on ours Stangs or not , if yes what else I need to swap them
  8. They are gt40 heads and they are nothing special. They are not the trouble since you have to ger arp adapters. Don't waste you time or money.
  9. Seth, if you want a good set of heads for a decent price why not look into the GT40-P heads? These flow better than a set of ported E7s.
  10. Lots of people spend a good ammount of money for ported E7's. If you can get the heads and all of the required parts for less than a set of ported E7's, it's a pretty good deal.

    Also, with those GT40's, you don't need to change your exhaust to change your spark plugs like the GT40p's.

    Just make sure that they don't need a lot of work. Milling heads and a valve job are pretty cheap, but it does add up.
  11. What would you need to put a set of heads that were previously on a 351 on to a 302? What is the part number?

    I just yanked off the ported trick flow heads off my 418 and want to sell them but want the right information in case somebody ask... Im sure 302 guys would want these a lot more then 351 guys..